3030 Deathwar Redux - A Space Odyssey

3030 Deathwar Redux - A Space Odyssey

3030 Deathwar Redux - Current Plans and a Sneak Peek

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Mike B  [developer] Nov 5 @ 1:39pm 
Hi Guys.

Outfits: There is now a remove hat option from the start, and 2 more outfits you get given early on in the game. Jue Viole Grace, you can Mod outfit images using the modding system but I don't think there is any guide on how to do it yet. It will take a lot of drawing for complete sprite set.

Nebula: As well as the new Radar device, nebula should feel a lot better now as you can actually see the edge as you're approach it and the ship makes a simple wake effect as it flies through the clouds inside.

Thanks for supporting and the feedback. The new Big Update has a lot of content so no doubt will need some fixes and tweaking. We hope you like it.
{BadDudes}aBomBa Sep 16 @ 7:03am 
Just add character customization options already! Not digging the Indiana Jones cosplay vibe at all.
benderisgreat333 Aug 24 @ 9:00pm 
Little character customizing goes a long ways.
vandigeth Jul 18 @ 5:24pm 
Since I happened by here, I will once again recommend this game for anyone interested. It's well worth the asking price. Thanks for continuing your work on this game. Honestly, I'm hoping to see a sequel with more story someday in the future.
小熊饼干 Jul 12 @ 11:22pm 
:china:The game is very interesting. We really need Chinese language support very much.
vinurd Jul 11 @ 11:59pm 
make Russian game will be sold as hot cakes.
Max | Crunchy Leaf Games  [developer] Jul 3 @ 12:31am 
Thanks for the kind words and all the new reviews coming in guys! <3

Btw, here's Kermat's awesome "Guide to the Galaxy" for anyone just getting started with the game. It's really fantastic:

hardkase Jul 2 @ 8:14pm 
Thanks for the 50% discount, i probably wouldn't of discovered this gem without it.
Pouyou Jun 24 @ 4:25am 
Campagne Coop online one day ?
RavnosFX Jun 23 @ 12:24am 
cool can't wait :D how about that cool outfit from wing commander privateer :D can someone please make ships from wing commander universe? I can make 3d models and pixel art but I really don't know about coding.