TGIF - Linux version is now live!

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cc2600 Jun 20 @ 5:35pm 
Did anyone ever find the tiniest easter egg ever?
Makizushi [FS] Jun 4 @ 9:28am 
I will be patiently holding out for the Mac version, if ever. Good luck in your travails Ruiner team.
Ruiner_Dispatcher May 11 @ 12:11pm 
@nex - Mac is not in our current plans, but we are open to the platform, so it may happen sometime in the future.
@BMX Bandit - have fun :)
nex May 10 @ 5:56pm 
I second @⌈ Pineapple ⌋ 's sentiment. A MacOS version would be awesome! Will keep my fingers crossed you guys will consider it after your priorities. :)
BMX Bandit May 10 @ 3:04pm 
Nice! I'm buying this in the morning. Thanks for supporting Linux!
Ruiner_Dispatcher Apr 17 @ 4:34am 
@⌈ Pineapple ⌋ - We are open to the idea, but right now our priority is the Linux version, and we are entirely focussing on it...
⌈ Pineapple ⌋ Apr 13 @ 2:56pm 
Any hope this will come out for MacOS? :P
dinosaur_mousse Apr 13 @ 4:00am 
Beta build has been updated. We're still working on boosting the quality of in-game videos, but if you spot any new problems, let us know. The official build should be here on Monday.
Ruiner_Dispatcher Apr 11 @ 5:34am 
Have fun :)
Linux Fanatic Apr 10 @ 8:01am 
You made me buy this months humble monthly. Sorry I didn't buy it on Steam, but it was simply too god a deal (I wanted KSP as well).

Anyway, the game's downloading right now (damn it's huge, I didn't expect 13gb) and I think I'll enjoy it (hopefully it'll be one of few games I manage to complete). Kudos for bringing the game to Linux.