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A Fast-Fire Update Straight at Your Face!
Greetings, Pilots!

We're coming in hot with a quick end of the month update!

A few new features, a couple of re-jiggers and a bunch of bugs squashed for you.

What's in it?
  • Tons of new pilot character species!
  • Fixed fatal crash referencing mouse clicks when the mouse wasn't being clicked
  • Fixed crash during firing of the Refract Engine weapon
  • Improved fluidity of logo animations at start of game
  • Logo animations are now skippable with start/enter/escape
  • Fixed fatal crash during credits sequence
  • Improved credits sequence readability
  • Added Digital Tribe Games logo to credits sequence
  • Added “Made With GameMaker Studio” to credits sequence
  • Several controls related bug fixes
  • Build version is now displayed on all screens for easier bug reporting
If You See Something, Say Something!
If you find a bug and want to let us know about it, you can jump right on to our bug reporting form and let us know![]

That form comes right to us, and uses super future computer magic (SPREADSHEETS!) to dump your bug right into our dev queue!

What's Next?
This sprint, we're working on a whole new level for you to enjoy:

Act II, Level 1 - "Reducto ad Absurdum"
The DSP MkI Pilots, having defeated the G'ell infected SARDO-099 Form Amorphous Defense Platform, are thrown through the Numspa Gate and into Weirdspace, an alien hyper-space dimension, where their piloting skills are put to the test against hundreds of dizzying G'ell Pattern Attack ships lead by the G'ell infected artificial intelligence BNO-66866, who pilots the deadly command vessel, "Element Manifold."

Act II, Level 1 will launch to our test group in July, with our mid-month update, and to the public shortly thereafter, once any bugs are squashed.

Test Group, You Say?
Oh, you caught that, did you?

Well, yes. We have a test group! They meet up on our discord server[], with special access and flair and credits and early access to builds and access to a special ship once the game is launched.


Well, you don't need to be. Just pop on over to our discord server[], and ask a mod make you a tester. You'll get access to our test channel and all of the above-mentioned goodness!

Thanks for reading this update, and playing our game. We're working hard to make something awesome for you, because you're awesome! YES, YOU!


- Don Thacker, Imagos Softworks
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