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Thrusters Engage!
Greetings Pilots!

Our new logo. It has WINGS MADE OUT OF GUNS!

It's been a long and complicated interesting road, but Starr Mazer: DSP is back in action with a new and improved engine, new gameplay mechanics, new pilots, new ship parts, new enemy designs, new bosses and an overflowing trove of things to come!

We've got a new dev team in SubPixel Studios, a new distribution partner in Digital Tribe, a new art team in DieMango, Valery Kim and domino99 and new music & sounds from SIXIXIX[], Parker Luis Can't Lose[] and Hunter Jacob Pierce[].

And, of course, Imagos Softworks is in the pilot seat, pointing at aliens to shoot and space gates to blast through.

Hitting the Ground, Punching the Sky

The ravaged capital city of Thearsa CP-IX has never looked worse better!

We're celebrating our progress with the first of a series of regular updates to the Starr Mazer: DSP Early Access Public Build.

We'll be releasing regular updates as progress is made as well as monthly milestone updates around this time every month until launch.

Each of these updates will bring us closer to release, and you'll get to be a part of the journey along with us, as our Early Access supporters!

We're aiming high with this update, and intend to aim even higher from this point forward. We aim to impress. We may not hit every time, but our guns are hot and we're firing wildly!

A Taste of Things to Come

These guys use their mouths to THROW ASTEROIDS AT YOUR FACE!

This new build includes:
  • Entirely new game engine!
  • New level art for Act I!
  • Numerous SFX upgrades!
  • Improved gamepad support!
  • New visual shaders!
  • Improved carbomite effects!
  • Player ship thruster effects!
  • Ridiculously reduced load times!
  • Carbomite shockwaves!
  • Improved Infinite Salvo!
  • Improved enemy death animations!
  • New particle effects!
  • Improved collision accuracy!
  • Tweaked spawning locations for hit FX/particles!
  • New sound engine!
  • Dramatic slo-mo player death effect!
  • Reprocessed pilot VO!
  • START button pausing!
  • Improved sprite rendering!
  • Improved/additional explosions & explosion effects!
  • Screen shake fixes!
  • Improved player death AOE!
  • Improved UI!
  • Fancy new pilot portraits!
  • Improved procedural construction engine!
  • Updated Asteroid Chuckers!
  • Tons of bug fixes!
  • So! Much! More!
This is only the beginning! This build replaces the functionality of the prior build, but further updates will include all new content!

The Future is Fire


By the end of this Early Access period, we will have 9 procedurally assembled stages, each with a boss fight (6 mid-bosses, 3 giant mega-bosses), multiple alien species, thousands of new pilot/ship part/weapon/stat combinations and loads of revamped music/sound.

More than that, though, we will have fought our way through the fire and succeeded against indomitable odds, just as the DSP MkI Pilots of the UNFP.

And we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

If you want to chat with us directly, join us on our discord server![]

Now, grab the new build and GET BACK MEOWT THERE, PILOT!

- Don Thacker, Imagos Softworks
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