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It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the end of Clickr on Steam.

We've worked with the original developer/publisher Ntreev for the past 4 years and it has been an amazing endeavor. We can't thank enough of them for their support all these years.

As Ntreev is going back to their roots of solely being a developer but on a different platform, they have made the hard decision to end our partnership and put a period to Clickr's 7 year run on Steam.

If you have purchased Clickr before, they'll continue to be available on your Steam account. Nothing is changing. You'll still be able to download and enjoy the game as you did before.

The only thing that changing is that Clickr will no longer be available for sale.

Clickr will no longer be available for purchase on Steam starting 1/1/2018.

That does mean this month is the last month to purchase the game.

Clickr was a unique game. It was one of the first Korean developed and published game on Steam. It competed in the Independent Games Festival and even spawned a mobile spin-off(Rolling Kongs). It was small but wasn't afraid to try new things.

It feels like letting go of your favorite blanket. Seeing your favorite coffee shop going away. Things can't last forever but hope you enjoyed the labor of a few rogue but brave developers.

- Zero Rock Entertainment -

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