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PhantomX May 25, 2017 @ 5:25pm 
When will we get more content?
Go_V Mar 3, 2017 @ 4:14am 
comment on l'a gratuit avec l'HTC Vive
Purple Beast Jun 21, 2016 @ 10:12am 
i didnt get my code until after i bought tilt brush and job simulator :(
Rapidhearts Jun 13, 2016 @ 10:53pm 
@mappy. I received my vive with bundle and can confirm that it is definetly the full version. In fact, all of them were
graemeevans1986 Jun 11, 2016 @ 4:50pm 
Hannibal 20 Apr @ 10:57pm
"Translation: VR has bombed. Panic time, we can't make a profit off such a small market place. The death sounds of a dying gimmick."

errr, or the exact opposite. they priced it high because they didn't know if there would be many customers to buy it, now there are more than they thought there would be so they can price it cheaper and still make enough money.

Jason May 3, 2016 @ 11:32am 
Why end the refund period after only two weeks?
Jinxter May 1, 2016 @ 5:51pm 
@ a polite procompsognathus: I've just opened my pre order Vive bundle, and Steam says it's the full game.
DarkElder May 1, 2016 @ 3:24pm 
Fair play to you guys! I hope other developers take a leaf out of your book and stop trying to fleece people you have adopted the new generation of gaming early.
TheSchaeff Apr 21, 2016 @ 3:50pm 
@Polysorbate: Vive Pre users only got the demo
Polysorbate Apr 21, 2016 @ 2:24pm 
This is cool, but how did people end up buying Job Simulator in the first place? It's free with Vive, and Vive is the only thing that can play it right now.

Ebay scalper victims I guess?