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Dimensional Intersection Update - Version 1.2 - External Music Sync Added!

Version 1.2 Features:
- External Music Sync Added - "Sync What You Hear"
- In-game playlist editor
- Preset scaling. Change the size of fractals.

Today we are happy to release a brand-new update for the Vive version of Dimensional Intersection here on Steam. Now, players can sync their own music to the game while playing. Simply start the music you want to listen on your computer outside of the game, and then through the in-game menu via the Vive controller select "Sync What You Hear".

Additionally, there have been more musical tracks added to the in-game music tracklist. Players can also now access an in-game playlist editor to select the order of which the ingame songs play.

Version 1.2 - Updated Tracklist
Track 1. Globular - Syncronicity City 3.0
Track 2. Land Switcher - High Landstep
Track 3. Soulacybin - Cerebra
Track 4. Quanta - Emulate
Track 5. MONS - Multiversum

Lastly, preset scaling has been added to the game. Players are now able to change the size of the fractals via the ingame menu and the Vive controllers.
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