Beta Branch Patch 0.18 Patchnotes - Combat Update pt. II

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Thomas Jefferson Aug 1 @ 8:34pm 
I know it's always recommended to start a new game/server when a new version is published, but is there anything that will significantly change the procedural generation or missions in the Combat Update pt.2 ?? I really don't want to lose my progress on my server if I don't have to.
Gorreci Jul 22 @ 2:50pm 
I'm with Tarryman. When I think Coaxial weapons, I think the machineguns or autocannons mounted co-axially with the main cannon of most tanks. When the cannon elevates, so does the coax machinegun. It's tied with the turret and the main gun.

Spinal weapons are more like the Swedish S-tanks, or older tank destroyers that had a forward-mounted gun and no turret. Or maybe think of the Ion Cannon Frigates from Homeworld. The whole ship was basically built around a large, fixed, forward-firing beam cannon, aligned with the ship's "spine," hence, "Spinal."

Or just call them fixed weapons. Coaxial is misleading IMO.
Tarryman Jul 21 @ 8:42pm 
With the Coaxial Guns/Turrets, were you perhaps meaning "Spinal Mounts"? Coaxial gives the impression it moves freely, which is what all standard turrets do, whereas a spinal mount, or a spinal turret, would be locked in position, similar to what those locked turret blocks would do, where it would prevent the turret from spinning.
chronoss2008 Jul 11 @ 7:31am 
part 2 read below first
i retried this on NON beta and wella works as intended so i dont know why your saying im trying somethgn i am not, in fact i can even tell you which ship , it was one a guy made of a stealth bomber and the tail comes out back , instead of deleting and having to redo the entire back section the easy thing would hav ebeen to do as i described above, then i could turn it say in thrusters ... or whaever i wish after it had been amde square again.

oh and only way it would do that right was when i could not see where it was exactly as i had to be straight on and underneath with absolutly no looking to either sde to make sure it woudl fit right
chronoss2008 Jul 11 @ 7:31am 
@phillip NO i had an edge piece sticking straight back froma workship item and wanted to simply place a second one to thusly make it a sqyare and then merge pieces ( simple rght?) no cause no matter what i did t would not let me go on the edge to place it that way it would go to the right or left NEVER had that issue and when i brought this up to admin of server we had , he also confirmed there were some odd building issues that cropped up

Fortigan Jul 10 @ 11:32am 
My main concern with this game is optimization. Some people seem to play it fine while others have 10 FPS or less. I have friends with system specs well above the reqs that can't even play the game it's so bad. Yes we have tried all the graphic settings and yes they are using their dedicated card for it.

Several things are causing the FPS drops. Shield effects, Mass sprays of firepower in combat, multiple fighters, The animated loot/debris (such as ship mods and cargo), and the sheer number of blocks the AI ships are made of. WAY too many IMO. More blocks = more lag. I've personally tested this with our own ship by making one out of a ton of tiny blocks and then later merging them. I'm running the latest i7 processor, 16 gig ram, and GTX 1070, and if I'm in a sector with 2k asteroids, active combat against 6+ ships, with cargo spilling out everywhere, even my FPS drops to less than 10.
Fortigan Jul 10 @ 11:25am 
3) If you have progressed enough in the game they already do. Lighning and Rail guns have 10 to 15k range.
4) Speed does not need to be nerfed for players. That is all about ship design. Where do you want to dedicate your ship parts? If you want to be fast, you have to sacrifice something else, such as overall mass, or dedicate more power to thusters, engines, inertial dampeners, gyros, which will require more generator. I feel that part is prefectly balanced as is.
5) Agreed. This goes along with your 2nd point, more AI ship variety.

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Fortigan Jul 10 @ 11:25am 
@Liquid, no offense, but it does not sound like you have played very far into the game. Granted I tend to play on a higher difficulty setting, but here are my concerns over your suggestions:
1) Nerfing shields would do nothing to help as it would nerf player as well as AI. Also, some weapons are more effective against sheilds. If you are fighting AI ships with energy weapons the focus more on higher hull, or simply use longer range weapons as the energy weapons are shorter range until you get to the lighning weapons.
2) Yes I agree the AI ships should be a bit faster, but not all of them. Not every player built ship has a lot of speed either. Seems the AI ship designs focus more on being tanky and having firepower instead of speed. It's a balancing act in design.

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Liquid Jul 10 @ 9:57am 
I've got faith that you guys can make this game even better than it already is! If you'd ever need help with balance issues and could use my 2 cents on it, don't hesitate to contact me. As a matter of fact, I believe most of your players wouldn't mind debating about balance issues. Don't forget that despite the negative comments about certain issues, people are still loving the game. they just want to make it even better.

If you made it here, thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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Liquid Jul 10 @ 9:57am 
Despite all the negative comments about " combat is too easy! ", I do kind of agree with them. Hit and run is a bit too effective as of right now. I can see multiple ways to fix this however.
1 Nerfing the shields in some way.
2 Making the AI faster in some way, an example would be that the AI could use the boost mechanic the player has.
3 Giving your opponents a way to harass you even from longer ranges, I'm not talking about torpedoes which you can snipe out of the void, but perhaps something else. (I'm just throwing suggestions here, not complete solutions sadly)
4 Nerfing the player speed. Maybe increase the power cost of boosting or make it to like 1.50 times your regular speed.
5 Introducing a new enemy ship class. Perhaps introducing an enemy with tractor beams to pull you in and then use an array of close ranged weapons to put you down or something of the sorts.

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