Dev Progress Combat Update II

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Anthony AyeDog Jun 19 @ 11:42am 
Number of blocks wouldn't be a good system for it.

However, volume of a block specific to military or civilian turrets, with penalties to power generation or processing power (perhaps reducing the amount of upgrades) would be much better. That way we can increase the amount of turrets we can field but not without repercussions
Minamitsu Jun 19 @ 2:21am 
Please no that sould absolutely ridiculous.
Morndenkainen Jun 18 @ 3:49pm 
But what I really want to know is.... If I build a Star Destroyer, will there be enough slots for the main turbolaser batteries plus point defences?

Here's a thought. Why not just make turret slots based soley off the number of blocks in the hull. Every 100 blocks gets you a small, every 250 a medium, every 750 a large.. Any ship over 2000 blocks gets 1 capital slot, plus 1 for every 2500 additional blocks.

If you want to limit them further, do so off accuracy. each tiny turret reduces accuracy by .25% Small by .5% Med by 1%, Large by 2%.. Whole lotta turrets = a whole lotta targeting data. Let players figure out what they're happy with.
ChevalierXLIV Jun 17 @ 5:25am 
rather than slots, the guns should be classified by size and your ship based on its size should get slots of class

ie a small tug boat would have 1 tiny combat and 1 tiny utility (mining/salvage/repair/etc)

a corvette would have 4 tiny combat (increasing gradually as your ship size gets bigger until it maxes at this class) 1 small combat and 2 tiny utility (based off of ship defense vs utility, if it has more shield focus rather than cargo focus it would be a military corvette, but if it had more cargo for resources it would be more utility focused therefore calling for utility weapons and less combat weapons)
ChevalierXLIV Jun 17 @ 5:25am 
going all the way up to dreadnaught sizes where you have 10 tiny combat, 5 small, 2 medium, 1 large (for example) that way you can use the tinies as point defense, the small as pummelers, the mediums as shield destroyers, and the main cannon to focus other dreadnaughts rather than just loading it up with scaled weapons using limited slots and numerous upgrades

just some thoughts ^_^ games come a long way since i first got it, well done

another thing that would be great though btw, more pull in factions, ie meaningful warfare where you fight over territory and lay claim to stations would be pretty awesome as it would be renewable and continuous content until one faction beat the others, at which point you could add in splintering of empires so it keeps itself going
Anthony AyeDog Jun 16 @ 12:26pm 
Devs, please reconsider the"turrets can take up multiple slots" update. There's nothing in place that actually let's us mount decent weapons of size or quantity without every upgrade being dedicated to turret slots to be effective in near-galaxy-center fights unless we're spamming fingers

That was also one hell of a run on sentence. But still, turrets should be one slot unless their damage and effectiveness go up a lot more with each slot used.
Nemisiscreed Jun 16 @ 4:18am 
Is there an ETA on this? It looks absolutely awesome. Now we can build star destroyers and give them their respective quad and octuple mounted guns :D
MJRAHOLE Jun 15 @ 5:36pm 
Kind of like From the Depths, sure you allied with the Deepwater Guard, but they won't help you take out the White Flayers because of various reasons!
You eventually decide to get a refund by destroying their base.
BaaSheep🐑 Jun 14 @ 5:23pm 
Correct me if it's already in the game. But I'd really like to see faction warfare.. Well, meaningful faction warfare. A lot of games like this end up providing nothing to do with the power you build up. I think I may have saw something about this being worked on.. but if not.. I'd love to see it.
TommieRshdy Jun 13 @ 1:31pm 
are we also going to be able to control how much rate of fire the guns gonna have, like are going to be able to not also build main cannons with heavy shots, but also flak guns with an insane rate of fire as well?