Beta Branch Patch 0.16.2 Patchnotes

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Wysaw Mar 12 @ 4:41am 
that means that a persecutor always kills you which is a little harsh. as they are right now you can atleast retreat. but as far as I can tell it would work.
PedoBeaver Mar 12 @ 1:44am 
"if you allow small ships to dodge torps then we are right back to being able to go straight to xanion in a few hours"
for this problem must better give a thruster blocker ability (make a target max speed ~100-200 and disable warp jump) for Persecutors and make them much powerfull.
Wysaw Mar 11 @ 2:47pm 
ah that makes a lot more sence. either way though for singleplayer small ships not having a big chance vs torps is a very good thing. Like I said if you allow small ships to dodge torps then we are right back to being able to go straight to xanion in a few hours. I cannot speak for multiplayer balance but its improved singleplayer immensely.
PedoBeaver Mar 11 @ 2:15pm 
besides, small ships must have a big chance to avoid torpedoes.
PedoBeaver Mar 11 @ 2:13pm 
@Wysaw, but this for singleplayer. We talk about torpedoes spam by players problem. This gameplay is not fun
Wysaw Mar 11 @ 2:00pm 
there is always both titanium and an asteroid (free ~$80000) in the starting sector so its your own fault if you are going out in an unarmed iron ship. part of the point of torpedoes was to make it harder for the player to go from iron to xanion in a few hours, if you decrease the maneuverability of torpedoes then it will be easy to do this once again.
PedoBeaver Mar 11 @ 7:07am 
@Anthony you MUST to create a post with this propose here! )
Lvcian Mar 11 @ 1:09am 
Your beta test server is joke unless you fix the crashes that cause everyone who was online at the time to lose their entire fighter bay and torpedoe hold.....how can you think those two things AREN'T important in being saved when the ship gets saved and reloaded by the server in this manner? This has been a problem for way too long over there and it just hit the last straw for me as I just spent the last few days I had of playing gathering the millions of avorion needed to build all the new fighters I made due to the new updates for weapons only to have it all just disapear for no reason, this is not the first time either nor am I alone in this happening to me as others have had the issue on there...to give a rough idea my most expensive fighter squadron was 1.2 million avorion in total. (12 fighters)
Anthony AyeDog Mar 11 @ 12:23am 

I definitely agree torpedos need a maneuverability decrease.

One game comes to mind with how I would love to see it. X:Rebirth Novadrones.

At low speed, they're relatively maneuverable. At maximum speed, though, they're essentially locked into their current vector, unable to do much if any course change.

Torpedos really shouldn't be a hit-all or even hit-most tool. For that we really should be looking at enemy fighters.

Here's what I propose:

Reduce enemy torpedo launcher spawns by 50%. For torpedos, decrease their acceleration, increase their maneuverability at low speeds, and drastically/completely reduce maneuverability at high/max speed.

Increase enemy carrier spawns by 2 or 300%. Or, at the very least, the amount of fighters carried by them. Torpedo npcs should be mostly feared by large* ship and stations
elKabong31000 Mar 10 @ 10:01pm 
oops, the ship cost 5000iron, not 500iron