Beta Branch Patch 0.22.2

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Yurker May 14 @ 1:15am 
Center is mass aiming is a bad idea, since I can make a donut ship and make the AI miss me completely.
But it should aim at the part that has the lowest angular speed when turning (obviously).
Ectogamit May 12 @ 7:36am 
Please disregard the previous comments and continue making the game function before pandering to the ignorant masses.
Tactical Nuclear Coffee May 11 @ 2:28am 
Just build a bridge yourself?

Most of mine all have bridges with the bigger ones having bridge interiors and even pc's mice, keyboards and all that...

What id LIKE to see is a rotation block, something that would allow us to build ships with rotating centers and stuff. Would need to be able to set its spin speed tho.

Basically a normal block that would only rotate its sides (up, down, left and right) while its front and back remain normal blocks so you dont have the entire back part of the ship rotating haha.
Strix May 10 @ 9:45am 
I think "bridge" could be imitated by crew quarters blocks.

But if it should be separate block then there are 2 options:
A - only visual difference (texture) but would behave like hull or crew quarters maybe?
B - functional - size of bridge would affect how many officers you can have on ship. Would have more HP, price and processing power than hull. And when destroyed it would impact ship controls, from limited effectivenes of crew to ship being uncontrollable at all, whatever would make sense. You could have more bridge blocks on ship though.
SnapWeevil May 10 @ 9:05am 
Also, im curious on thoughts of having a true FLAGSHIP. I mean a ship that other ships could be commanded to keep an actual FORMATION around instead of just following around in a conga line???
SnapWeevil May 10 @ 9:02am 
I very agree with a like "Command Center" "ICS" "Bridge" for asthtetics purposes mostly. :)
joteadams May 10 @ 8:21am 
Make combat AI target center mass please, currently they shoot right at the edge of a ship majority of the time and it makes most shots miss especially with rail guns/ lightning guns and even more so when one of the two ships are moving.
MarcOwaR May 10 @ 5:59am 
Cockpit Block please :D