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This video shows the reworked procedural ship generator of Avorion.

New Ship Generator Teaser Trailer
Ships are generated based on so-called "Faction Styles". Our goal is that players can recognize a faction by their ships. That means that all ships of a faction have similar visual properties. That includes the color and structure of the ship, and also visual features like spikes. In addition, a faction can have multiple types of ships, which among themselves are very similar to each other, but not completely alike.

Compared to the old ship generator (not shown here), the new generator can create much prettier ships that are very distinguishable from each other. The new generator will also be moddable.

Leaving Early Access in Q1 2020
More news: We now settled on a time frame when we're planning to leave Early Access - Q1 2020! While it's really hard to pick an arbitrary point where we you can declare a sandbox game as "finished", Avorion is nearing its feature completion in one way in particular: As the vision I had of it when I first imagined it.

But don't worry! If you're thinking that now that's it with Avorion, that we're done, then you couldn't be more wrong! We love working on Avorion and we love the community that formed around the game.

We're going to actively support the game with free updates and some DLCs for at least 2 years after release. Depending on how well it goes for us financially, it might be longer.

The road to 1.0
So that's that for now! Until the 1.0 release we have a couple more updates planned. We'll give you more info on that in another news post next week. And then after that there's going to be a period of relentless bugfixing, polishing and balancing, to get rid of all the obnoxious issues that are okay for an Early Access game, but not a 1.0 version.
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