2018.2 WILL BE REALLY FASTER THAN 2018.1 (2018.2 PREVIEW #2)

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DarkCrysis11 Mar 30 @ 1:03pm 
Have you ever considered using vulkan or dx12 to optimize the engine? are lower level API to offer higher performance and more balanced CPU/GPU usage and lower overhead, more direct control over the GPU, and lower CPU usage.
Baruch1985 Feb 25 @ 11:46pm 
Great update! Waiting for it. Thanks! :)
3D Builder Feb 25 @ 7:17am 
The frame rate drops quickly adding particles and effects, game logic systems and other characters.
The engine needs more options to control shadow quality, cascade shadow levels and distances. More options to choose other effects quality level.

This is good news multi threading will be implemented.
Bugbuster77  [developer] Feb 22 @ 1:16am 
Of course speed is strictly dependent from quality settings, the tests I've made keep as reference a mid/high quality setting.

For example, into the city project scene,
If I change quality to a lower level (that in any case has: PBR, Atmospheric scattering, high resolution shadows, area lights, motion blur, depth of field, color correction, SSAO, Terrain ambient occlusion enabled) the FPS increase until 30-32 FPS keeping resolution at 1080p as showed into the following images:




3D Builder Feb 21 @ 3:23am 
Good job on optimization.

" about 20-22 FPS (sometimes until 25), that is a very good result, even if I think it is only the tip of the iceberg. "

No it's bad, 1080p 22 fps (zombie level) is not acceptable for publishing a game.
A Radeon RX 550 or GTX 1050 can run open world games in 1080p 30 fps because they are better optimized.
S2 Engine needs more optimization and tweakings options to get this small zombie scene run 60fps.

C++ SDK or C# would help, it's always faster than FSM.
Give the ability to tweak graphic parameters like SSR, Shadow parameters, GPU particles, GPU characters.

Optimization is coming very late, but it's good to see it's becoming a priority.
vinurd Feb 20 @ 10:41pm 
This is an incredible breakthrough! Giants of the gaming industry can not boast of optimization, and often weak machines simply sweep aside. And this is a big part of the game world.
Rogue Feb 20 @ 1:03pm 
pntmassimo2 Feb 19 @ 6:15am 
Complimenti ottimo lavoro.
Sober Mans Secret Feb 19 @ 4:54am 
Great work with this and top job finding and fixing the bottleneck. S2 is looking and running better than ever
fred.Man Feb 19 @ 3:39am 
Respect! That sounds good!