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Main Focus for February

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Gheazu Feb 25 @ 11:27am 
haha main focus of feb shod be call 2019 main focus we wait for this patch since December and it has bean delay 15 times :D
Do you think 16 is a lucky number ?
neverdweller Feb 20 @ 9:24pm 
Still not a huge fan of the Rent a server or having alot of different servers up, sometimes down with a character you spend forever on and then cannot play. Is some kind of standard stable servers coming where they have different world instances that we can be a part of?

The console version is seriously crazy with the crashing. I havent played since the most recent update but it was pretty bad. Expecting good things fellas. Conan can be huge. It just has to be playable. And well.. not so empty, I see you are working on it. Thank you! :D
Izuela Feb 20 @ 6:07pm 
So when is the update happening? Been looking to jump back in again after a hiatus but have been putting it off for the patch now for a week.
Jinn-e Feb 20 @ 7:23am 
Awesome! Im a big fan of this game. and see allot of good things to come!

This game gives me a skyrim feeling mixxed with a littl building! :)

Something I would love to have is horses.. Though they should not go to fast otherwise they make the map really small!

Other then that suprise me! :D
Hellracer! Feb 20 @ 7:23am 
glaub ich erst wenn ich es sehe ;) Danke
♥♣GAMBIT™♦♠ Feb 19 @ 11:33pm 
hey I have an idea, lets talk trash about a video game and its developers but not have ANY idea what it actually takes to make a video game.. instead of being thankful for the content we DO have, let's be the cool 2019 trend following sheep and bully, bash, and troll, (because that's so cool now to bully people, verbally, mentally and emotionally) the devs. Well done community, and I KNOW i'll get heat for my comment and I don't care..

Thanks Funcom for trying your best to fix and upgrade the game that I am currently happy with. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this game.. Keep up the amazing work :)
cyrusmagnus Feb 19 @ 12:51pm 
So... in December they talked about all of these things being put in Test, saying they'd roll out in January... now they're announcing this stuff as their... February plan?

I guess that's fair. I mean, I and many others have abandoned this game, why wouldn't the Devs?

I just pop in here from time to time to see if they've actually fixed any of the game breaking bugs that make playing this title terrible yet. Answer: nope.
gonzalo Feb 19 @ 7:01am 
They posted in his forums there is another delay xd, then they talks about have good communication haha i dont undertand why delay the patch two times,three times will be a lot of bugs anyway
Queen Of Scotland Feb 19 @ 6:30am 
Thank you funcom never to put the patch has the right date after two announcements of postponement ... You are very CREDIBLE NOW yes yes there really are players who wait your updates. I hope this time the wait is for a good reason rather than waiting for months an update on the testlive for a version that does not work. It will be nice to give the real dates to avoid false hopes.
{Howitzers Bat.} DutchO_0 Feb 19 @ 1:22am 
For me almost no bugs only when starting the game it sometimes freezes and crashes but once im in the game hardly any problems