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PC Hotfix (16.05.2019) - Small fixes and second wave of thrall wiping

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tavaresun 23 hours ago 
good job
Silv3rGunna May 21 @ 5:11am 
Server Name: Minyan Gaming - Land of the Cursed
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Slots: 30
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Cybot May 19 @ 5:23pm 
good job, please work on animations now, It can't be right that any NPC exile is going invincible when I charge attack or do any attack because he is in his Animation rotation. NPC need ADJUSTING!!

Also the Body's of any dead NPC still Dissapear, this Bug exist since beta, Fix that man.
Lionguard_Major May 19 @ 10:36am 
@Vlad the thrall feeding topic is mentioned in the official forums in detail in over 20 posts under the search - thrall feeding-. You can complain here about it here which is a waste of energy, but it was announced in a previous patch/fix in March of 2019 that (Pets and thralls no longer need to eat. All food placed on them (or in the thrall pot) is consumed immediately to provide combat buff until the server has been restarted.) Therefore you can build a preservation box to preserve the food, and then place what you want consumed into the thrall pot. Food boxes for pets should have vanished, but food placed on pets will also provide combat buff, but the food will be consumed immediately. Hope the info helps, but it was changed a while back.
Borcan May 18 @ 6:42am 
They mess with power level and no one want to be leveling from level 1 everytime is wipe.
PORTUGA May 17 @ 10:58pm 
Ive done everything.

'' Verify the integrity of Conan Exiles' files. Restart your computer and launch Steam. ...
Update your Windows OS. Conan Exiles players confirm they solved the launch issues by installing the latest updates on their computers. ...
Install DirectXwebinstaller. ...
Manually find and replace the faulty files.''

Game simply wont OPEN. Not talking bout running. It doest even brings me a black screen! IS REFOUND MY LAST OPTION?
Musica Alzerò May 17 @ 3:19pm 
I had a The Watcher Above and after the server restarted it became an unnamed Performer with 100 hp and the equipment was gone.
But the problem is that I can not change him position and he did not disappear in the wipe
Vlad May 17 @ 2:09pm 
yo, my dumb thralls and pets eat a full stack of food at one shot. they dont stop either. thrall pot? pfft. fill thrall pot with 100 stacks, it's gone as soon as you turn your back. you know whats even more strange? I have thrall and pet abandonment set to OFF. never had this issue before, not until the new hungry thrall and pet system. damn hungry hungry hippos!
Happy Hippo May 17 @ 6:40am 
bad buggy game greedy evil dev ...............FUNCOM
Karla May 17 @ 4:03am 
really sick of stuff disappearing, this game is still very buggy