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Conan Exiles

Small Hotfix (01.04.2019)

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Snugulicious Apr 10 @ 4:27am 
i found an area in game where it seems as though it was skipped over when your programmers were assigning building permissions to an area. i only assume this because you can build in every area around said spot. ( the area is the size of a triangle foundation) i can send pics or show you in game if you add me or i can try to reply to any other questions u might have for clarification purposes.
hungarianfox1 Apr 8 @ 8:39am 
Hali mindenkinek én ha javasolhatnám akkor azt javasolnám hogy ha meg oldható hogy a vadon élő állatok stb ne tudjanak át sétálni kerítésen ill. falon. Szíves meg értésüket előre is köszönöm :steammocking:
ascensum Apr 6 @ 2:10pm 
Can no longer join my PvE Conflict server. Not in favourites, not in history, not in any category; also tried joining in a myriad of ways after researching the issue. All a no-go.
Mickey Apr 5 @ 8:20am 
What is this two new server updates??
Where's the patchnote??
BenTimHover Apr 5 @ 6:16am 
what kinda invisible building do you mean, I know about building stuff that snaps onto parts that arnt there and levitate in air! do you mean that.

At least you need to be a bit more specific...since I still know many more glitches and bugs...that you dont want to buy :P
Mickey Apr 4 @ 7:29pm 
Anyone has tested this line on dedicaced server?


It's a funcom cm who tell that, but i dont understoud if they really put this option on....
(i think he dont know himself....)
Thot Patrol Apr 4 @ 5:59pm 
Also the game crashes every time i try to join a server, then i have to open the game again and join again with a 50% chance of crashing again
Thot Patrol Apr 4 @ 5:57pm 
I saw a gazelle fly into the heavens.
MissSnowflake89 Apr 4 @ 5:34pm 
Clan issues? Vault sharing with clan, set down vault but my clan member cannot access it?