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Hubris423 Feb 13 @ 8:07am 
why doont you guys fix ancient bugs like the voip popping up when im typing in the chat box?
Jaromir Feb 4 @ 10:10am 
so...when are we going to get sorcery? Only interest at this point
Player 1 Jan 29 @ 12:07pm 
So is this build still scheduled to go live in a couple of days?
MADk1ngHatter Jan 29 @ 11:22am 
Gonna address the elephant in the room here, mounts, and say I understand the game can't handle movement faster than the character......poor planning when building the engine but whatever, so don't make mounts faster, just make it so we can ride them. If the reason really is movement speed, this should be completely doable.
Babypuke Jan 27 @ 12:34am 
#1 Priority should be fixing the rubberbanding in combat. It destroys the experience so much, this game has too many good things going for it to be invalidated by poor netcode. After that if you can continue to add a little depth to the combat here and there it would go a long way, the throwing weapon update for example was good.
Evil Spoon Jan 26 @ 12:49pm 
So when are you guys going to finally add sorcery to the game? I refuse to come back until you do, and I wont recommend this game to anyone else until then as well! Your promised sorcery system was the only reason I started playing the game, waiting for it. Now, I wont return until we get it!
xjy9625 Jan 25 @ 1:03pm 
I absolutely love this game. Discovering it during the Christmas sale completely makes up for the disappointment of Fallout76.

Fixes needed:
1) the UI controls for hotbar, and alignment during construction. What would be easiest it a secondary hotbar for construction and placeables, activated by a "building mode" that stops entering combat.

2) Make corpse recovery possible when your body vanishes: Something simple like a message box asking to recover belongings when you're in a map range of gravestone would solve the problem.

3) Go to sleep after 10 minutes of no activity. I keep dying of thirst or starvation in my own house and losing all my stuff. I don't want to completely log out every time I need to go help a family member for a few minutes.

4) Fix the wall-clipping exploit in PVP that allows people to loot your steel, thralls, and inventory through the wall unless you build with only foundations.
Nitrous Jan 24 @ 3:49pm 
Make exploration more exciting - yes, you should add more world content, loot, bosses, cool random events, even quests!
Player 1 Jan 23 @ 3:07pm 
Agreed. We need game CONTENT, no cosmetic DLC.
Crimsonsplat69 Jan 23 @ 2:06pm 
Sigh. Nothing about new content for PVE players. I'll continue to mourn for the corpse of our private server. A single dungeon and pets just wasn't enough.