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PC Hotfix (18.10.2018)

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Mickey Oct 24 @ 11:58am 
@ havok, nothings new, just like archer, what do you expected?
Omen Oct 24 @ 11:36am 
Widow Spider pets arent spiting at enemys they just run into melee to die or sit there
Mickey Oct 24 @ 8:22am 
Crossbow has removed for the game since a long time.
I dont know why.
Mr. Wanaskiwin Oct 24 @ 2:49am 
I saw crossbows, but i cant find were to even get their recipe from. are they just for admins? also the pictish skin for pets kills them as they cannot eat.
Omen Oct 23 @ 4:12pm 
my DLC skinned Pets seem to not be registering food i put in them , the kinds of food they like is also not there. Pets still fall thru foundations if ur building near them down to the ground. I dont know if they are way down in the foundations or disapeared as my event log is also broken and blank
Ruby Oct 23 @ 1:19pm 
We're having an issue where we are losing our attribute points. E.g. I learned the last point on encumberence (momentum), today it is showing that I am a few points off it? my points have not been refunded either.

I have also seen that the feeding box for animals gives them all meat, including the herbivores i have? meaning that i have to go round all my animals and manually give them the correct food and put back the meat the box gives them.
Obelisk Oct 23 @ 6:42am 
I WANT A UPGRADED CARPENTER! Guys please all spam this
defsong Oct 22 @ 1:29pm 
i put bush and meat into animal crate and this is share all with all kind of animals - realy camel dont eat meat! I log game and my head always looking right or left so i need reset always first game. Inside house i got water on the all levels ground. In all my thralls food become putrid meat - i need take it of from all my thralls??? (i got alot of them so its sucks) looks like this thralls with out hands to remove bad food from them selfs! refrigerator in game so bad -each peace of meat starting to be bad after 10min??? thralls is crap they do nothing in 21th century gaming - they not patrol not walking just staying in one place and i cant switch off dancing wich is anoying - make option to add on off dancing from intertainers - realy its sick when they dance unlimited time
Mickey Oct 22 @ 11:07am 
@ first man, i agree.... on generality.

But can you indicate me where on the store page the mention "Early acces" is?
If this game is finish, it should be had 0 bug.
If this game is not finished, it should be tagged "Early acces".

In actual state, CE is sold as released game in an early acces state.
its a fake information, so its not commercialy legal.

They should assumed the release state and finish the game, or they should stop lying to potential customers....
First man falling Oct 22 @ 10:42am 
To all the players who mourn about the bugs and flaws of this game: How much have you paid for it? About 30 Euros? (It´s now and then for sale for this amount of money, and yes, right now it cost 40 Euros) I mean, when you go to the cinema on a saturday eve, two persons pay 30 Euros for 90 minutes of fun… and no one complains about the price. You can play this game as long as you like, there is no monthly fee as with other online games...and developing games is not cheap! I bought all the dlc just to support the developers. I´m playing CE since the beginning of EA and i love to see how it grows, changes, and gets better. Please, just have a bit patience, computer games of this size just don´t grow on trees, you know… ;-)