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Conan Exiles

PSA: Avatar summoning temporarily disabled on Official servers

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吴英俊 18 hours ago 
亚服所有服务器被连续炸服一个月了怎么还没修复?欧服又不让国人进!这游戏确定是卖给中国人的? 游戏官方能不能拿出一点负责任的态度出来啊! 强烈建议准备购买的玩家自重,这游戏买了也玩不了, 天天炸服根本进不去 游戏官方又不管 根本就是骗钱
Deofol Aug 17 @ 3:26pm 
2 недели прошло и вы нихрена не сделали, чтобы пофиксить абуз аватаров. пнх, ленивые ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ы!
Mago_08 Aug 13 @ 9:39am 
Unfortunately on my server there are cheaters who are using illegal methods and ending the community game, if there is any way to ban these players, I would like to be informed.
RetroLiveGaming Aug 13 @ 12:48am 
tired of "unfair situations" on official servers?

New PVP server for PC! Active admins with official rules, we thrive on a legit gaming experience. 40 player limit as of right now our admins are on top of things 24/7

most of the feedback is saying admins are corrupt ours are not. Trust is earned not given, give us a try and find out for your self what do you have to lose?

please check out
楊過 Aug 11 @ 9:06am 
亚洲服务器 已经被炸得几乎没有能玩的了,举报就是不管,感谢挂B 让我戒了游戏
[传说] Aug 11 @ 7:55am 
此版本篱笆低地基不能卡位了 严重影响我高端的建筑技艺
Thorer Aug 10 @ 7:39am 
could just make a better game where people can't exploit the Sh!t out of it
jinfei1981 Aug 9 @ 8:33pm 
Codec Aug 9 @ 12:28pm 
there's a bug with avatars preventing them from attacking. If your'e placing building pieces then activate a token you're able to move around but can't initiate an attack.
Vegeta89 Aug 8 @ 11:38am 
add -----gliding------ into the game, would be great fun, than we dont need the damn horse riding mounts. It could really work since build so big bases! to be able to fly from it, it would be awesome.