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Greetings contestants!

Last time we spoke we were beginning what we thought was a short road to Xbox Certification. A few weeks later, it appears that road might’ve been a bit longer than our GPS led us to believe. In retrospect, using Mapquest in 2018 was probably not the best choice.

Jokes aside, we’re still in the midst of the certification tornado. Standing squarely in the center, it’s difficult to say exactly when the Xbox One version will be given the green light, but we’re hopeful that it’ll be sooner than later. Though this process can be somewhat nebulous, we’ll continue to keep you updated whenever anything of note changes or if any setbacks occur.

While the Xbox One version is still our priority, we know that the current patch on PC has gotten a little long in the teeth. Even though it’s almost Halloween, it’s time to file those fangs down. Tomorrow a brand new patch will be delivered that reaches from gameplay to matchmaking and beyond.

Servers will be down to deliver the patch tomorrow, October 25th, at 8AM Eastern Time for up to 4 hours.

We know that many aspects of tomorrow’s update touch upon key issues within the community, and will usher in sever quality of life changes to improve the overall matchmaking experience. We want to thank you not only for your feedback but also for your patience as we work as hard as we can to bring Origins to everyone.

Until next time,

See you on the island

Patch notes:
  • For consistency, all items now apply a brief interrupt when they are thrown.
  • Bots are used to fill open slots in online matches
    - Bot kills count towards XP and stats (including leaderboard kills)
    - Bots do not provide score bonuses for leaderboard score
    - Various improvements to bot behavior
    - Bots have been assigned customized names and outfits
  • All hair cosmetics are now available to equip on male and female contestants
  • Your most recently applied weapon skin is now previewed in your character’s hands on the main menu
  • Your character can now be rotated on the main menu
  • Chemist Perk now applies exclusively to MuscleMan Milk, X-plosive Runs, and Iron-4-Skin stims
  • Fixed a bug where melee damage would not scale appropriately based on charge percentage, which resulted in partially charged hits dealing jab damage
  • Fixed a bug where Weakness wound was not applying its status effect, set its duration to 12s to match other weapon wounds
  • The hit reaction that plays when you are struck with a shove, jab, or charged attack (assuming this action does not result in a full stagger) no longer roots you in place, eliminating the ‘mini-stagger’ effect
  • Store preview screen now displays a list of outfit contents
  • Fixed a bug where region names were not consistent
  • Fixed end of match scoreboard to allow all contestants’ names to fit
  • Matchmaking system will now enforce bands - players will not be matchmade against other players with significantly different matchmaker skill rating
  • Fixed a bug where armor would not disappear after being destroyed
  • Made a handful of performance optimizations
    Increased stamina regeneration rate while walking or standing still
  • Reduced the stamina cost of bow shots
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect attack animation would sometimes play, depending on how far the attack had been charged
  • Fixed a bug where headshots would bypass armor but still apply damage to it
  • Improved input queuing behavior when transitioning out of a block
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Deuce achievement from unlocking
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Trapper airdrop from being included in the random list
  • Fixed a bug where the Weakness wound would not be applied properly, correctly set duration to 12 seconds
    re thrown and hit a target’s back
  • Restored full controller support (was missing from recently added store screens)
  • Players are no longer staggered when they are hit with pepper spray
    Armor no longer protects against alarm gun wound
  • Fixed issues with certain keyboard keys not being mappable
  • Bow velocity is no longer reduced when player’s stamina is empty
  • Fixed a bug where Blue Crates would not spawn in all available locations
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