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Wiggly Wonderland

There is something in the air in the Far, Far Range: the many magnificent biomes feel alight with a special, whimsical energy. The morning dew in the pastures seem sparklier, the ocean foam along the beaches feels a little fluffier, and the stars in the quiet desert sky seem to twinkle a little brighter. Far in the distance, a sweet serenade can be heard, calling to adventurous Ranchers and welcoming them to explore.

Each day, the elusive Twinkle Slime can be found in a new location across the Far, Far Range. Listen for it’s lovely song and collect rare chimes to arrange a symphony of your very own. Don’t forget to burst your Twinkle Slime to unlock 9 rare instruments (and goodies!) that you can add to your Chime Changer on your ranch for a limited time. Dance across fields of musical magic and see the Far, Far Range during the most memorable event of the year.

But hurry, the Twinkle Slime is only here now through December 30!


Make your very own Slime Rancher ornaments to decorate your holiday tree with! :slimeamazed: {LIEN SUPPRIMÉ}. Bonus points for snapping a photo and sharing original slime ornament designs!!!

Community Holiday Party:

Share some holiday cheer with us this year. Join our Discord for a community gathering on December 23rd at 12pm CST and get into the holiday spirit with some community games, trivia, and for the crowning of the 2020 Slime of the Year!

Event highlights:
  • Gather around a cozy Yule Log stream with us! (Watch on your own at any time!) 🔥
  • Help us crown the Slime and Secret Style of the Year 🏆
  • Slime Rancher Trivia 📝
  • Slime Rancher Meme Contest 👑
  • Animal Crossing New Horizons and/or 🎮
  • Fun 🎊
  • Holiday Spirit 👻
  • Slimes! 💖

Join us on Discord:

We look forward to sharing the holidays with you, Ranchers 💜💜💜

Your friends,

Monomi Park
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