Industries of Titan

Industries of Titan

You're invited to the Brace Yourself FOR PAX Party at PAX West 2018!

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silicas Aug 31 @ 6:21pm 
Booth at PAX is epic! Was wicked awesome to get to chat with the team a bit. Can't wait for this game!
Roadsidebaindito Jul 28 @ 12:10am 
Roadsidebaindito Jul 28 @ 12:09am 
well thats only a few thousand kilometers away...
Gaming Geek Jul 24 @ 8:20am 
If only I could go. Sounds like fun!
Ingenieur18 Jul 24 @ 2:43am 
Do you have plan take part on Gamescom 2018?
Xtra Cool Chris Jul 23 @ 7:46pm 
yeah we are all living in the wrong country. lets all move there!!
UKBenz Jul 23 @ 7:33pm 
Fantastic news!
A Gas Canister. Jul 23 @ 2:31pm 
omg, the first gameplay on a month? i can't miss it
ROFLwut? Jul 23 @ 1:47pm 
Oh, what a bummer! I got a pop up that said "You're invited to...." and that was all I could see. I just knew I'd been invited to join a closed beta group, but nope, I was invited to a party 2k miles away.

My hopes have been dashed!


♣ Coraline Castell ♣ Jul 23 @ 1:05pm 
Oh boy, wish I lived in the US! Looks great. Enjoy, everyone. ((: :butterfly: