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SUMMER GAMES >> v.1.0.7 <<

Welcome to the SUMMER GAMES!

How is it going guys? Another great update arrived in SBS! We are proud to present the SUMMER GAMES, including THREE NEW CUPS! Each cup gives you cards as a reward for your collection to build your all-stars team!

There are 16 logos and 16 kits from the male soccer teams that are participating in the event, and their cards will drop from the 3 new added tournaments :smile:

Beyond the SUMMER GAMES update, we also did some bug fixing and quality of life improvements to the game related to your reports. We would like to thank ALL of you again for the feedback that you guys are providing, be it here in the Steam Community or even in the chats, you rock!

Here is the complete changelog:
    FIXES 1.0.7
  • When clicking "play again" on the defeated screen of a cup, the game would send you to an empty cup screen
  • Buttons on the pre-game screen had the wrong overlay
  • The player avatar would end up jagged on the results screen after a goal
  • The mouse pointer would not show up when the selection to accept or refuse a rematch appeared
  • When playing with a keyboard, the left and right arrows as well as the A and D keys were changing the players and rotating the aim
  • If the player changed tabs on the main menus manually, when he pressed RB or LB, it would change to a wrong tab
  • When the player pressed Y to challenge a friend and the smashed the X button to open the options screen, it would open multiple option screens
  • If the player cancelled (ESC) the search for an opponent at the exact time that it found an opponent (whistle), the game would freeze for the opponent
  • Various other fixes to the interface and menus

Once again, thank you for the feedback and for helping SBS to become a bug free and fun game!

You know the drill, any bug or suggestion that you want to report, just go to our discussions page and write it up in the pinned post.

See you!
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