Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Gameplay Beta: Content patch planning

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RodHull Apr 30 @ 6:19am 
So shady "Some of you expressed concerns about microtransaction mentioned in our EULA: First, let’s be clear, there will be no pay-to-win at all in the game."

No what you mean to say is some pesky forum user realised we wanted to stealth include MTX and read the EULA and rumbled us now we are doing damage control. You could have announced this as of last year when you responded to a thread in Oct directly asking this very thing and you danced around the subject. You didn't confirm it cause you know its a horrible idea people won't like.

And eagle eyed viewers will be aware they didn't say all future content would be free, just they would release free content funded by the MTX, I guarantee they will still want money for something else be it expansions, or dlc... mark my words
*DutchMercenary* Apr 26 @ 8:16am 
Can't wait till full release!! The game is really promising and looks beautiful! I don't think cosmetic microtransactions are a problem but I hope they are not to expensive and better be awesome but not stupid emotes and♥♥♥♥♥♥Keep up the great work devs and take your time! Better take your time and deliver an awesome experience then a rushed soulless game like anthem
Mara Jadewind Apr 23 @ 5:49pm 
hahahaha more ACT 1 polishing. 7 years polish ACT 1,Revamp ACT 1, REVAMP again....still can't get out ACT 1.
GrosQuick - JeaN_TiTouPLiN Apr 21 @ 9:53am 
I was looking for a cool game to play after PoE.
It's seems to not be this one.

I'm sad to read what you planned.
Cya folk's, i won't buy this.
Okami Apr 17 @ 1:43am 
B2P with a f2p cosmetic shop. lmao, after letting people wait for years they now extort them for money as much as they can.
GodEmperorTrump Apr 13 @ 7:56am 
wtf you want a paid EA game with a F2P cosmetic model? thats such cancer if I had known this was gonna be a thing i wouldnt have bought the game so long ago
Krapfn Apr 12 @ 10:06am 
Marketing people must see you as an god.
GetterFG Apr 9 @ 2:08am 
Thank you for this beta, it's nice to see the progress of the game, since its acquisition in alpha versin. I hope we'll get a French translation one day. :steamhappy:
QueazyArbiter Apr 6 @ 9:00pm 
Hey Wolcen dev's,

A bug! I think:
Just played beta a second go, went to max level, got couple pinks or is it purples.. had a blast! Only bug I found was in an expedition, second portals last boss was some lizard monster, charged on my char, blinked away, monster went little off the map? He then walked back after i slapped his butt a bit. But after the kill = no portal for continue or to go town. Like it didn't count the kill for me. Since expe couldn't teleport out.

About micropays:
For me, it's alright, just please for the love of all gods and pink elephants, DO NOT make them over priced (if they are reasonable 4-6 euros, ppl will actually buy them) and DO NOT make us look like homeless junkies with sticks and stones when we are max level!!! (Like in POE!) pls. Thanks. Now, make those cosmetics that people can buy WAY whacky/cool. Hairstyles could be insanely large, for a female or for a guy AFRO! Omg yaas
Killerco1 Apr 5 @ 11:52pm 
God i cant wait for this to release the Apocalyptic Forms looks absolutely amazing, I'm definitely going for a necro build whenever that releases, Hoping golems will be a summon type i just love massive units wiping out small forces XD