Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Technical Beta content: Phase 1. And some preview!

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Crypto Oct 16 @ 7:41pm 
@Prison Mike the beta is yet to release and it will be open to everyone who has purchased the game. Currently the devs have yet to get back to the communinty about why the delay is so long.
Prison Mike Oct 15 @ 4:00pm 
is this a closed beta i cant even update to it.
Swon Oct 12 @ 4:17pm 
Este juego ha sido una maravilla desde Proyecto Umbra, en todas las fases de desarrollo se ha poddido ver el talentazo del equipo, estoy seguro que pese a estos cambios las decisiones tomadas han sido extremadamente buenas, seguro que queda un juego de 10 y un referente en los ARPG actuales.
.::|gIo|::. Oct 10 @ 12:19pm 
Aunque el video se ve espectacular, parece un arcade. Da la sensación que estará falta de contenido , logcimanete no pretende ser un Lineage , pero de ahi a realizar un juego que tenga muy potenciado el multiplayer, no está enfocado a Clanes, ni pvp, ni las mejoras de objetos parecen estar muy evolucionado.

Espero equivocarme y que no se quede en un pudo ser pero no es.
bőrtokoscalippo Oct 10 @ 11:29am 
WHY READ THE DEVELOPER,THE PHASE ONE OCT11??? just eaiting the people of♥♥♥♥♥♥... :/
Mister Gizmo Oct 10 @ 11:05am 
Well I keep coming back to look to see what has changed. Every time I come back I get to see progress of something going on. If you want it faster donate a half a million of your hard earned cash so they can get a few more programmers for a few years.
Lord Neophyte Oct 10 @ 8:43am 
@Murdorain appears even you in a bubble, from this I would like to liberate you. Alone from the project management I know a lot of big companies that don't keep their own deadlines. But I don't even have to be outside the industry. Even in programming, there are a lot of developers who can't meet deadlines, even after years, again and again. This is especially difficult when the development team is only at the beginning of the project. It also depends very much on which language is used and how you experience it yourself. Also the used engine has a role. The development area for software in general is a constantly changing process. Languages change, get new features, already known and possibly used features get lost. If you have even a little knowledge of software development, you know this. But apparently only those who have never seen even one IDE in their lives, let alone even know what it is, express themselves here.
Murdorain Oct 10 @ 7:44am 
@ELITE The problem is not how hard game development is but the fact that you are setting a deadline and you are not meeting it. Normally like in any other industry if you cant meet your own set deadlines than you should not be working in that industry because clearly you are not capable. Stop making excuses for incompetence. Not one deadline has been met for this game for 3 years, if that doesn't make it clear that you shouldn't give any dates than I don't know what will.
mGravitus Oct 10 @ 7:10am 
@Elite: The eternal cry of
"game dev is hard srs bzness guys! have patience!"
gets real old real fast.

In 2025, you will still be saying
"game dev is hard srs bzness guys! Its tough stuff!"
ELITE Oct 10 @ 7:03am 
@Maky, If you have a problem with progress, then you are welcome to program a game with only a few people. Let's see how far you come.

Unbelievable that there are always people who have no idea how much work that is. Even newborns do not whining so much. ....:steamfacepalm: