Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Children of Heimlock: Hotfix 1.1.4

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! Mastermind ! Jul 12 @ 10:19am 
dont ever buy this, take it as good adwise
! Mastermind ! Jul 12 @ 10:17am 
+ In the Alpha

+ cool animations for weapons
+ open world
+ cool skills
+ cool skills effects (lightning was able to create a aoe through water)
+ cool extra skills through the passive skill tree
+ a chellanging arena
+ survival mode

- What changed now

- almost all animations are gone, only ♥♥♥♥♥♥ boring ones are left
- they changed the entire staff concept (looks very bad now too)
- The animation for 2 handed "heavy" weapons looks cancerous
- Skills (active as well as passive skills from the skilltree) are boring AF
- You need to change scenery manually
- Several dungeons instead of free open world
- Crossbows are not longer existing
- no arena any more
- no survival mode
- 30€ are not worth it


Edit: I tried to rewind the buy already but steam denied, poorly. Pls dont ever buy this game.

Best regards: Mastermind
BubbleButt Jul 12 @ 7:43am 
i love games like these e.g. diablo, path of exile and torchlight just to name a few.
In this patch

Things i liked:

Added some story aspect - as good story pulls it all together
The environment - everything looks really nice, really beautiful

things i didnt like:
the skills - i just feel the skills are a little boring and feels generic like any other game, i played a few hrs to test things and it just doesnt seem to draw me in, dont feel the need to continue after a short few hour unlike i am usually am with games mentioned above.

Things i would like:
controller support - this game really feels like it would feel much better played with a controller with a little auto aim assist because this game kinda need to rely on auto atks to generate power for the skills for certain skills and i find myself auto atking instead of using skills

bug i encountered:

In the online mode the cutscene are bugged out sometimes and characters are stuck doing random stuff
itoogami Jul 11 @ 10:04am 
yo !mastermind!
one: you are not every body , so stop please!
the gameplay is a lot better now !
two: what are you missing? housing ? XD
Please never again purchase a game in early access.
! Mastermind ! Jul 10 @ 10:59am 
Edit: The skills are boring af too, the active ones, but the passive ones as well
! Mastermind ! Jul 10 @ 10:57am 
You just ruined that game. The Alpha was so promissing, so unique, and now just a worse version of Diablo. I wrote a positive feedback back in alpha. Now I deleted that and wrote a negative one instead, beacause you guys were asking for more feedback. Clear your mind, delete everything developed in the past 6 months, and bring us back the alpha. Right now WOLCEN is just an overpriced, less good, Diablo. If I could, I would ask Steam to give me my money back, which I spent 1 year ago in this shi* game.
Arsenyk Jul 10 @ 2:48am 
Je veux mon Big Gun 2 Mains !!!!!!!!
VitaminK Jul 9 @ 12:17pm 
@Cpt. Woody - Just fyi act 1 was done in under a year.. this is entirely redone from what we had before.
gtvo Jul 8 @ 8:47pm 
the game is ok! Looking foward for the full version.
for the haters: stop that..
of course the game needs improovements, but thats why its on BETA VERSION.
thumbs up.
Cpt. Woody85 Jul 8 @ 12:35pm 
4 years.. just act 1?:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D mous moving... really bad... sorry. you game ist a waste of time an d money.. REFUND instant