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22 Racing Series
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We'll be exhibing 22 at PAX Australia at the end of October, so if you're in Melbourne, Australia, come by for another chance to win some prizes!

This update contains a recreation of a challenging real-world race track, for players who want to try out a strange blend of sim-racing and future-racing. The Bathurst track is still extremely work-in-progress, so expect some bugs for now...

Vehicle handling and physics have been re-tuned greatly in this update, with attention being paid to new players who haven't yet mastered the vehicle. Low-speed spins are much less likely, and steering authority during extreme high-speed manouvres is much improved.

As usual, all feedback is appreciated!

2018/10/16 - v0.32
New track: Bathurst / Mount Panorama (2.5x real scale).
New track: Bathurst Historic (real world scale).
Tutorial race mode (work in progress!).
Motion blur effect.
Can select vehicle ability loadout in the vehicle editor.
Vehicle editor keeps parts attached when possible.
Vehicle editor part sorting.
Vehicle editor parts filters.
Updated leaderboards.
Added sand/grass/dirt/snow physics materials (currently only on Bathurst).
Experimental vehicle features: magnetic tires, rear-wheel steering.
Added ESP to vehicle wheels to avoid low-speed spins.
Improved tire response on curved surfaces.
Much improved vehicle handling when driving on walls.
Much less likely to spin out when resetting to a checkpoint.
Updated telemetry output data and force feedback for grass/sand/dirt/snow.
Fixed some vehicle decal issues.
Fixed some audio drop-out issues.
Fixed one AI vehicle always being brainless.
Fixed first-person HUD.

2018/10/18 - v0.32b/c - hotfixes
Change from FXAA to SMAA T2x antialiasing.
Fix flickering HUD elements.
Add "-gpuextensions 0" command line option.
WIP split-screen tutorial support.

2018/10/18 - v0.32d hotfix
Fixed VR, D3D10 rendering.

2018/11/2 - v0.32e
Improved tutorial.
New sector ownership HUD.

2018/11/8 - v0.32f
Added a C++ telemetry example application.

2018/11/9 - v0.32g
Fix tutorial crash.
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