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Our labs have torn down and rebuilt a bunch of junk and Element v1.5.1 'Pulsar' is available now.

Nearly all of the changes are under the hood, with some big refactorings of our plumbing and difficulty systems to prepare for future v1.6 updates. On the surface everything should play the same so please let us know if anything is misbehaving. We have also updated the Steam, input, sound, and JSON libraries which should be seamless.

There are a couple of shiny bits amongst the mundane library update waffle, including a small unit spawn animation, some updated explosion effects, and a new epilogue animation.

This update also removes the Linux rendering workaround we had in place to fix some camera compositing issues. We had reports that v1.5 was working as expected in full quality mode, so this update restores full quality by default.

Remember to check out the full v1.5 updates from a few weeks ago;
Element v1.5 release notes.

Please let us know what you think - leave reviews, start a thread or leave a comment in the discussion forums, or tweet @flightlessnz.



Greg & John

Element v1.5.1 'Pulsar' Changes

  • Added unit spawn animation.
  • Updated explosion flare particle systems.
  • Updated internal difficulty settings to prepare for v1.6.
  • Replaced epilogue with freshly animated epilogue - wip.

  • Updated to Unity v2017.1.1.
  • Large internal code refactoring.
  • Removed Linux rendering workarounds.
  • Added Cinemachine libraries.
  • Updated Steam libraries.
  • Updated input libraries (includes updates for native input).
  • Updated sound libraries.
  • Updated JSON libraries.
  • Updated analytics.
  • Tweaked Unity performance settings.
  • Optimisation.

Element v1.5 'Pulsar' Changes

  • Added bonus Supply Crates.
  • Added new Supply Drone to pick up Supply Crates.
  • Renamed Repair menu to Drone.
  • Updated drone targeting to be context sensitive.
  • Added Supply Drones and Supply Crates to tutorial.

  • Added experimental voice control for Windows 10.
  • Updated and simplified HUD messages.
  • Updated help text.
  • Updated controls text.

  • Updated to Unity v5.6.2.
  • Updated Steam libraries.
  • Updated input libraries (includes updates for native input).
  • Updated sound libraries.
  • Updated text renderer libraries.
  • Updated JSON libraries.
  • Updated image effects.
  • Updated internal state machine libraries.
  • Updated app launcher, scene controllers.
  • Updated analytics.
  • Fixed Bloom on Metal renderer.
  • Removed internal video capture support.
  • Updated screenshotter to support ludicrous resolution and cubemaps.
  • Refactored player dialog handling.
  • Fixed custom occlusion culling to support updated LOD API.
  • Optimisation and bugfixes.

Element v1.4 'Nebula' Changes

Element v1.4.2 release notes.
Element v1.4.1 release notes.
Element v1.4 release notes.

Element v1.3 'Kuiper' Changes

Element v1.3 release notes.

Element v1.2 'Corona' Changes

Element v1.2 release notes.

Element v1.1 'Aurora' Changes

Element v1.1 release notes.
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