Ghost of a Tale

Ghost of a Tale

Ghost of a Tale is out in 2 weeks!

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Skirus Mar 14 @ 7:12am 
@Fahrenheit Lol dude I'm just letting them know why I'm not buying the game atm, it's a nice game and id be very interested in buying it in the future, but when it's up to standard.

So I think you should care less about what others do, and learn the difference between complaining and giving valuable feedback.
Kurtz Mar 14 @ 6:00am 
@Skirus you can buy and refund aswell on steam
Хорошо,записки ничего страшного, в принципе основы главное ) так что будем стримить скоро
Myp3 Mar 13 @ 11:36pm 
Chad is♥♥♥♥♥♥-АЛЕШЕНЬКА,

вышла, русский есть, перевод говорят качественный, но на данный момент есть в рус. баг - кракозябры вместо букв в записках (в остальном все прекрасно с переводом, только в записках так)
Игра вышла ?Русский есть?
Myp3 Mar 13 @ 11:33pm 
Skirus, I didn't experience any bugs or drastic FPS drops in ~2 hrs I've played the game since it came out from the EA, and I also had only one minor bug in ~8hrs I've played the game when it was in EA. Judging by reviews on Steam, most people don't have any serious issues with the game.
So I think you'd better stop pirating games and then complaining about bugs.
Skirus Mar 13 @ 10:31pm 
LoL dude I pirate every game before I buy it, to see if it's worth buying.

if i didn't id have bought a load of ♥♥♥♥♥♥ games and wasted a lot of money. I would be happy to pay for this game in a few months when the bugs are fixed, but atm I dont think its up to standard for full release.

and just for example I torrented hollow knight before I paid for it, and I'm glad I did torrent it because the trailer didn't do much for me. and now id rate it in my top 10 best games of all time, and I think the 10dollar price tag is painfully cheap for a game that is easily worth 30/40usd

There is nothing wrong with torrenting a game before you buy it, rather than paying for a game you end up not enjoying for whatever reason.
General Titmouse Mar 13 @ 9:08pm 
@ Skirus -- Seriously, dude... Why would you admit you're a scumbag pirate? Also, pirating a game and then complaining about bugs? Jesus Christ.
Skirus Mar 13 @ 6:37pm 
and my save file didn't get bugged just once, at least 4/5 different save files just refused to load, having game breaking bugs on full release is pretty bad, i'll try it out again in a few months
Skirus Mar 13 @ 6:20pm 
fun game but I'm glad i torrented it before buying it, game is still in EA and is not ready for release imo, when a save file gets bugged and cant be loaded or played, its not ready for full release.

Will consider buying it in the future once the bugs have been worked on!
Also you need to fix fire, the FPS drops so much when ever you are near any type of fire