Build is now live! [*Edit 20.04]

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KartKrafter  [developer] Apr 23 @ 1:03pm 
Thanks, Lads,

We are aware of the problem and working on it, as we speak.

I don't have any solid news regarding TrackiR. We are investigating it.

We plan to have the Multiplayer in the next big update.

Take care,
Kart Krafter,
Community Manager
Black Delta & IMGN.pro Team
AmaRok Apr 23 @ 12:12pm 
At the moment i haven´t played it yet but watched a couple of videos on YT. As AUT-helmi discribes, it looks like the AI is blind. If they overtake you the won´t let enough space for you on the outer line. (in case of youré stil next to him at corners end) if you are on the corners inside while overtaking, the Ai will close the line and try to get to the corners apex. I hope this will be fixed an i think its the most important thing after working physics for the cart and the control inputs... and this looks like it works:)
AUT-helmi Apr 23 @ 12:08am 
most important...AI still blind, pushes you from side or from behind, you don't exist for AI it seems for me, thats very boring and gives me no motivation for racing....
Mr_Catweazle Apr 22 @ 12:52pm 
When will TrackiR work?
neru Apr 20 @ 12:06am 
still no mp, nothing new yet. same tracks.
JlnPrssnr Apr 19 @ 10:59am 
Thanks for posting the changelog here, too!
niels147258369 Apr 19 @ 9:30am 
you need too long
more engines
more tracks
more gameplay
KartKrafter  [developer] Apr 17 @ 1:26pm 
For live support, you can join our Discord.

Since the game is in the Early Access, it's hard to make a demo. I recommend purchasing the game and play below two hours of total time, and then return if you don't like it. But why would you?


We are still adding new things to the game, working on the physics and supporting new wheels. They will be available when they are done :)

Take care,
Kart Krafter,
Community Manager
Black Delta & IMGN.pro Team
crocattack Apr 16 @ 7:20pm 
where is the full access where u can race all motors
nrg500[TipidPC] Apr 16 @ 10:25am 
The game won't run now on Linux through Steam Play. I tried Proton 4.2-2, 3.16-8 beta, and 3.7-8, game crashes.

I know Black Delta is not obliged to fix this. Just saying.