Staxel Is Now Available!

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bookworm235 Feb 3 @ 7:15am 
Please do a mac version

yurisinistraum Jan 25 @ 2:42pm 
can u give me a copy? i'm poor
Killerco Jan 25 @ 7:34am 
Can you make it simple to make a server
Bangcat Jan 24 @ 11:38pm 
In current state, sorry but I think even the 25 percent off of 20 bucks at this state might be asking a bit much. But I'll admit there's time for a lot to happen. For the kind of game it is though, I think it may be time to look at what others like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon have done, and go from there. Plus I think the whole vixel cube thing is now officialy done to death. To continue it means something truly exceptional needs to carry it, because the mine craft nostralgia just isn't going to do it right now.
deathstroke225 Jan 24 @ 6:48pm 
good start, but this game has no meaning.
there are no upgrades, no tiers, no purpose to continue to gain money.
game looks good, but shoppe keep 2 is going to take my money :(
♥Ariel♥ Jan 24 @ 10:22am 
It is only FP?
True Nvte3official Jan 24 @ 8:03am 
it, it looks like a $25 creativerse
Entropy Jan 24 @ 5:32am 
wb minecraft
FuCk yOu...!! Jan 23 @ 10:04pm 
I don't no:steamfacepalm:
MaSonik Jan 23 @ 8:26pm 
is this online minecraft?