Osiris: New Dawn

Osiris: New Dawn

Beta 1.08 Gameplay: Map, Compass, and Spaceship HUD!

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Paf_S Jan 18 @ 10:31am 
Игра зависает при выходе в главное меню!
JediObewan Jan 15 @ 8:04am 
This game is unplayable, way to many problems. Went from an at least playable game to trash. Sry devs.
Plumhawk Jan 9 @ 5:17pm 
Anyone else having issues like I mentioned two comments below? Seems like my only option for water is to craft it on my Chemistry Table but since the one I built in my Habitat says 'unowned', I can't make water or plastic to build many other things I need.
KungFuKat Jan 9 @ 2:50am 
There is already more than enough bits and pieces to work with. Nobody needs a new this or a new that. Give us a reason to build, a reason to explore, a reason to kill, a reason to link one location to another.

The world is great, but their is no game. Give us a goddam game already! We'd rather have a million campaign updates keeping it fresh, than a million new bits and pieces that you might check once, then "meh", now what was I busy building and why?

...Oh yes that alien night invasion is coming because I built the satellite dish to search for comms out there. They're attracted to the energy from the dish so I need fortify my base pronto or its going to be a long night. But I need x-mineral which powers my main turret, and that is only on map B. Better build a temp starter base there with an automated courier system to supply my main base on map A...

Bang! Campaign started. Let the tweaks and updates and variations begin. You're welcome!!
Plumhawk Jan 8 @ 3:38pm 
A couple things. First, I keep dying of the dehydration. Where the hell to you get water or tree sap? I took my empty glass container to the trees that used to have tree sap on them but... no sap. Also, there are no standing bodies of water in order to get water.
Second, I finally got enough resources to build a habitat on Proteus but when I built a bed and chemistry table, they are listed as "Owner Unknown" and I am not able to utilize them. I tried pointing my Multitool at them to see if there were any options but alas there are none.
custume Jan 7 @ 6:50am 
@FromMars, have you guys fix the sounds in 1º person view or they are still loud ??

before was to loud and I like to play in 1º person
bug lord Jan 6 @ 1:44am 
i uninstalled the game a year ago thinking there was no hope for it but i see many updates now i will try it again soon
traviniperv Jan 5 @ 12:12pm 
Its been a while for me. Glad to see theres now multiple worlds and stuff. Does this mean the campaign is also getting more fleshed out?
Sir Nuhrii Jan 5 @ 11:51am 
Update? Just a month after I decided to come back to check out the game again?

Even if it seems like a small update to me, knowing without a doubt that the game hasn't been abadoned is quite the confidence boost. Given the current reviews, I almost thought I would have to give up but, this is now looking more like Subnautica's development, which I feel is quite the accomplishment. :sans:
mag Jan 5 @ 2:33am 
I also had the case that I had 3 domes, and it happened to me that I lost the ship, but maybe it was some kind of conflict.
Even such a remark, someone has already mentioned it here. When it rains, and we're in our dome, it's raining too, it looks a bit strange.
The rest looks very good so far, textures, sound, foreign creatures' sounds are impressive. And of course, the background music itself is great, it's very fun to build the atmosphere of the game.
Regards and we are waiting for new news :)
I apologize for my English, but I use a translator