Wuppo Patch Notes [1.1.86] Performance update, Demo available again, tweaks & fixes, 60% off!

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EvilMind Jun 8 @ 2:07am 
Favmir Jun 7 @ 2:24am 
Lovely game. I hope you guys keep making games whether it be Wuppo 2, or any other game.
丶丶丶折纸 May 22 @ 8:38pm 
Thanks made the word.
This game is wonderful!
labyrinth May 21 @ 5:56am 
Self-rescuing Princess May 19 @ 3:14am 
Sorry if I'm being dense, but is there any way to play the demo if I've already bought the game?
Favmir May 16 @ 8:02pm 
Most immersive world I've ever played! Hope we get to see more of the world of Wuppo.
Benjamin May 15 @ 9:34pm 
REPOner May 15 @ 6:51pm 
Guys, your game is one of the very few games that actually immersed me in its world. I loved it, good job!
I hope our games will be loved the same way yours are! Btw, cant wait for your next project!
Knuist & Perzik  [developer] May 15 @ 3:14pm 
@loonaedgy Agreed. He's unbalanced when going specifically for the impossible achievement. I'll see if I can do something. @*Yuki* Maybe some day, but don't count on Linux anytime soon (sorry :C ) -LARS
Avogadrus May 15 @ 3:05pm 
Great, good to see that my favourite game is still being worked on :steamhappy: