Wuppo Patch Notes [1.1.101**] Minimap added! & fixes

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Quokka Nov 10 @ 7:43pm 
I love Wuppo. Have any Wuppo2 plan in the future? :steamhappy:
RockoTrex Nov 9 @ 11:23am 
And the GOG version update? I have the game and DLCs there :C
Jazzem Oct 17 @ 6:32am 
What a terrific addition, good work :D
Fish Aug 27 @ 4:35am 
黄金体验 Aug 25 @ 11:33pm 
Thanks for the update!
Avogadrus Aug 24 @ 6:52pm 
The navigation is great in Wuppo, never thought of minimap :steamhappy:
Pause screen music picked my curiosity though :denksnavel:

Thank you for still working on the game :steamhappy:
何妨吟啸 Aug 23 @ 11:40pm 
Kal El VEs Aug 20 @ 10:15am 
Lovely games and lovely authors.:blakcake:
关逸麦 Aug 17 @ 6:43pm 
a very game
Naramzu Aug 16 @ 11:23am 
Thanks a lot for still adding stuff!