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GRIP: Combat Racing

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GRIP - A futuristic combat racer

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GRIP is a spiritual successor the Rollcage games from a past gaming era.

This is a racing game for those who like intense speed, explosive action and always exciting laps

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GRIP gets its first DLC car pack with Artifex: Fighter Jet Fusions

Artifex are the next level of GRIP combat vehicles, adding a new manufacturer to the line up! Adapted from dogfighting spacecraft, these stolen and re-purposed vehicles have been rebuilt and honed into the perfect combat racing machines!

Check them out!
The GRIP Artifex car pack comes with three vehicles, in three different classes. The tank class Artifex Titan, aggressor class Artifex Fury and speedster class Artifex Atom. Each come with their strengths and weaknesses, perfectly balanced against GRIP's roster of quick and deadly wheeled and hover cars.

We hope you like the new cars, and thanks for continuing to play and support our game!
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