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8.3 Bonus Update[]:
  • The 8.3 Bonus Balance Update goes live on Tuesday!
  • Check out all the balance changes that are included when you read the Notes.
  • The Talons of Tyranny event will unleash new skins: Prince of Lightning Zeus and Rune Machina Ganesha!
  • Also, check out the sweet new Queen Bee Chest, featuring Queen Bee Nox!
  • For all the details, wallpapers, and dev notes, head to the Update Notes.
In-Game Sales:
  • On Monday (today), the sale on Silly Chests and Summer Bash Chests will end.
  • The Void and the Galaxy Vortex Chests will be on sale this weekend, from Friday through Sunday.
  • There’s new Prime Gaming loot available!
  • Make sure to claim Infinite Seer Ah Puch for free!
  • If you want to see your fan art on the waiting screen before our Update Shows, then submit your art here:
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