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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Here is the changelog for v1.7.2 with some fixes we have been working on. Have fun and please report bugs and problems as usual - thanks a lot!

As always please note:
Report bugs and issues for the public release right over here:

  • Dynamic code support change (for dialogues features + Mod.XXX): Updated compiler that works with all current Dialogue features & especially Mod.XXX
  • Added: New icons for Credibility Seals, Fire Sticks, Explorer Token, Ramps (Airtight)
  • Updated: Start of all story missions is now chapter-activated by specific conditionals! Starting conditions are always found in the chapter descriptions! (1)
  • Changed: To avoid confusion missions are now only visible when they also can be started either manually or by a chapter activation condition (1)
  • Changed: Temporarily deactivated Patrol Vessels on Snow Starter and Swamp Starter (until OPV/PV group strength are better aligned) (2)
  • Changed: Removed Space Base Defence from all space-based story POI (note: other POI in the same sector MIGHT call for reinforcements still; also roaming hostile patrol ships might attack you!) (2)
  • Changed: Sanctuary (Story) updated to ensure player speak to Carver ahead of going to Kezzel.(2)
  • Changed: Story Chapter 11 'Murky Christmas' now needs to be unlocked by playing chapter 10 (note: if you want to activate the chapter directly, open console and type in: pda rwdchap 13)(1)
  • Changed: Chainsaw now picks up automatically to player inventory.
  • Changed: Updated TOP mission Destillery POI to avoid breaking mission progress. (2)
  • Changed: changed drop container model for device/blocks drop from a destroyed container
  • Changed: Replaced christmas drop container with new small drop container standard model
  • Changed: Replaced old large drop container for devices/blocks with new model
  • Changed: Hand of Farr removed spawn-in-trap. (2)
  • Changed: Dr Mandors Space Anomalies report cannot be sold unintentionally anymore.
  • Changed: Removed christmas deco from POIs (2)
  • Changed: Removed old Alpha-5 Titan wreckage POI from spawn group (2)
  • Instances: added yaml property 'EnterWithEmptyInventory' that will block any player that has items in his inventory/toolbelt
  • Updated Localization on main, PDA and dialogues (incremental as of 20 01 2022)
  • [MP] AI will stop firing at the player when crouching
  • Weapons with block penetration cause exceptions
  • CV Minigun (Retractable) had wrong HP count (now set to 4500)
  • Items placed back in toolbar from the backpack disappear when the toolbar slot is changed
  • Signals changed by dialogue and used by logic circuits don't work in MP
  • Jetpack doesn't turn ON after leaving the elevator in space.
  • Multiple exceptions from logs sent in
  • Exception spam when AlienBug01V2 is used in a POI
  • Symmetry plane position not saved when using multiple symmetry planes
  • RampDDestroyed and RoundCornerLongThinDestroyed missing from destroyed blocks shapes (steel S+L, concrete). Note: RampCHalfDestroyed was unintentionally added twice > RampDDestroyed took the place of its 2nd edition. Please watch out for unintentional shape replacements.
  • Destroying fuel tanks and generators of Zirax POI with quest "Pinholes Do Hurt II" did not count towards mission (1)
  • Color/Texture issues on Lava, LavaNascent & MoonDesert playfields
  • GIN console did not show text on some non-EN translations. (Please check in your language and report again if the issue persists!)
  • Sectioner32 door closed on mission debrief when going to a waystation in a different moon sector compared to mission start. (2)
  • Known issue for Story Missions/Missions: when manually deactivating a chapter-activated mission (SP or MP) in the PDA, the mission does not reactivate itself again. Workaround: Exit all missions > Open console > type in 'pda rd' Please file a bug report at or write to in case of any mission-related issues (POI, Progression etc)!
  • (1) = requires manual PDA.yaml update to work: Exit all missions > Open console > type in 'pda rd' to reload PDA.yaml definitions.
  • (2) = change only works for new savegames AND on playfields that have not been visited before the update in ongoing savegames.
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