Moving right along with 7.4 staging

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starfire_1234 May 2 @ 6:33pm 
@NAMdaMAN staging is when they prepare it for release meaning doing the testing and finalizing before releasing it. yes it may have bugs that are missed as all bugs may not be found no matter how much testing you do.
Zathrus Apr 30 @ 7:58am 
Ok that helps to download the client files so i can log into a staging server. How do i get my server (rented from host havoc) that uses the steam updater to download the staging patch?
Thicc McDicc Apr 30 @ 6:05am 
To enable beta updates for Eco:

Step 1: Right click Eco in your game library.
Step 2: Select properties.
Step 3: Go to Beta tab.
Step 4: Select 7.4.0 staging beta from the bottom of the list.
Step 5: Hit close and wait for Steam to update Eco.
Step 6: Profit.
Zathrus Apr 29 @ 4:44pm 
How do i get this on my server thru steam? Is there a way to set the steam updater to download the staging version?
Sauide Apr 29 @ 4:51am 
what for vehicles will we get ?
dockmeister Apr 28 @ 12:34am 
I really like the opportunity to get my hands on bleeing edge stuff, but i would like to know what to look for in terms of changes. Some kind of changelog - nothing fully fledged - would be nice.
Haliifax Apr 27 @ 7:25am 
I would enjoy some sort of Creative mode
Damien Apr 25 @ 6:58pm 
Staging gives people the chance to test up and coming new additions to the game before official release. Helps the devs out too, as finding bugs before release really helps them.If you want to play the staging go to properties of Eco in the steam library and change the version in the beta tab.
Uncool Olly Apr 25 @ 5:28pm 
Stage 1 low stage 2 higher... same like level or status...
Comrade NAM Apr 25 @ 4:30pm 
what exactly is "staging"?