Economy As Gameplay

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Ferno_Liar Apr 22 @ 5:10am 
@Nasabot its still early acces so remember this could all change in the past it is still at so u will have to wait if u want everything to be fine until then u can maby learn a little from the game play with commands and more fun stuff maby even try to pollute the world u can do a lot but it takes some time to get everything done rome wasnt build it 1 day remember :)
Levi Ackerman Apr 21 @ 12:08pm 
Get banned cuz silly reason such as
Building sp box and learn as many skill as possible
Any server dont like economy play and not let player build their sp box pls dont be admin and make server
Save your money to fix your brain
Bananas_3000 Apr 21 @ 12:33am 
Lol add ants and the ability to make ant farms :D
Hido Apr 20 @ 1:24pm 
Remember for those who dislike economy in Eco, anything done to economy could be completely avoided -- These features are *entirely* player driven.
Nasabot Apr 19 @ 10:49pm 
Eco is full of bad game design decisions *sigh* why do I even write? 1. Most people dont care about clumsy game design 2. the devoloper wont listen anyway.
2 (out of probably 100+) Example of what I mean:

1. offline progression skillsystems are the bane of all todays games. Progression to be driven by dedication and playerskill

2. selfsufficient farming: You get more seeds back than you spent by planting, thus making the farming skill completly useless

Issues like these never get fixed. I can tell you from ~15 years forum experience. Game devoloper are a kind of people who prefer to introduce new (mostly good) ideas, instead of keeping existant stuff tidy, smart and meaningful.
$teamygreenfart Apr 19 @ 6:26pm 
cant wait for more vertical travle options for carts, ramps take up half my world.
deathface420 Apr 19 @ 2:47pm 
way to cartoony, felt like i was playing a childs game.and was way to easy. good concept planet was to small and mechanical stuff was buggy af like high flying excavator. so iv been playing life is fuedal mmo.
Pika Apr 18 @ 8:37pm 
@Jcoley 75 hours??? is that all I have more then 500 hours in this game I was a backer of it
buccaneer080 Apr 17 @ 10:39pm 
garbage game now. alpha 5.4 was great
jcoley Apr 17 @ 5:20pm 
I love this game. Got lots of hours, but when i put in 75 hours in one world only to never find huckelberry and have to stop. couldnt go on with a lot of the Tier 3 crafting.