7.3.2 released!

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[WCCT] MojoJojo Apr 10 @ 9:41am 
Pls fix multiplayer problems for private servers, would like to play with my Girlfriend again and some friends would like to buy the game, if this problem gets fixed :D
krispymosasaurus33 Apr 10 @ 6:52am 
nice but when does the cars and boat airplanes ...... enz♥
Oculus Apr 8 @ 5:22pm 
When will the multiplayer problems be fixed for private servers?
doeoenner Apr 8 @ 8:32am 
exited for the upcoming updates! :D is it just me who have less animations (like sawmill) then before the update?
Sauide Apr 8 @ 7:39am 
when will the vehicleupdate be out ? :D
zupahfly Apr 7 @ 3:12pm 
All in all a very impressive game! Great work guys.
The last release made accessing stockpiles and chest etc very slow though. Also there are quite some cases where a mesh isn't rendered, while it should be. When in a mine and digging up for example. Also, blocks with some transparency (like brick foundation) cause adjacent block to not show up, so you can see the "backside" of the world
(A.S.S.) Sarcastic_Trolls Apr 7 @ 2:33pm 
ok so you can move torches but now you can't stack torches
Matuskela Apr 7 @ 1:17pm 
Server de ECO BR online 24h entra lá
GregO Apr 6 @ 11:12pm 
$teamygreenfart Apr 6 @ 12:22pm 
new content?... before the end of the year?