The Steam Tractor

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Nektor May 23 @ 10:59pm 
Its one of the best games i ever had played good job, but please make it easyer to join a server
Sag257 May 22 @ 2:08pm 
The game is unplayable in its current state

1) Lack of dedicated servers, servers easily go offline

2) No quick law presets, for example kicking people after X days or if they haven't played more then a few minutes a week (a server grinded to a halt because there was no auto kick function you had to unclaim property's of over a 100 players manually which is undoable)

3) Menus like store and player menu take a long time to load when there are alot of people on
a server

4) Menus need a redesign, search function in the economy and player list, drop down menu in the map needs to be longer and default to the last place you scrolled at or a redesign so its simpler to find a place to plant and harvest resources instead of doing all 1 by 1 and marking them down which can take a long time

5) if i enter 0.1 in the store it will sell it for 1

6) People don't feel incentivised to enter late game

7) Frame-rate and bugs
Kenn32 May 21 @ 10:56pm 
beautiful! but fixing Chunkloading lagg first. ;)
boggler May 20 @ 8:27am 
Damien May 20 @ 5:09am 
Very impressive, the game just gets better an better.
Grek May 20 @ 3:44am 
too small for steam engine
Artaani May 19 @ 7:37am 
Good job. You are working in right direction. The game need more high tech vehicles. I am plan to play ECO with friends when elevators, ships, trains, airplanes and tubes will be implemented. Keep a good job.
Opa May 19 @ 5:28am 
@Wise If you find it is to slow growing try to adjust your server settings. In the Config file: you can find for every plant a setting called MaturityAgeDays. normal server it stands on 0.8 but you can lower that number for faster growing. I've tried it out with 0.01 and it grows within 15 minutes from seed to harvest
Bogus May 19 @ 3:09am 
when comes the boat ?
Wise May 19 @ 1:41am 
fix plants growing speed at first. Waiting for 1-2 real days of time until they grow its rediculous