Community Update - 5/15/18

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James024 May 17 @ 3:07pm 
+ crouching
Good idea Cyan... I don't know how many times I hit left ctrl while mining thinking it should crouch.
dRaMaTiC May 17 @ 1:30pm 
One more thing. The environment is to harmful. Wolfs should attack, Bisons may also if the player is to close. I mean these animals don't have any survive instincts at this stage...

Okay, question now could be what should happen if they attack. Easy answer. Losing health points.... wait there is no health bar....then add the health bar, easy isnt it?
~* BiZZ Keryear *~ May 17 @ 4:51am 
We have the hammer too in the game already ... why not make the ramps variable? Using the hammer you could use them to make them 1-2 wide if dirt, maybe 1-3 if stone, and 1-4 wide if asphalt.
Also it would give the oportunity to to give those and the road blocks different textures.
e.g. you could choose and switch between the default gray and a asphalt black and then the same again with lines (either dotted or full) to make better streets.
And waht I also would love to see are slanted blocks (like roofs are now) but upside down ... to make the underside of roofs and stairs more pretty.
PashaMonster May 17 @ 1:26am 
Are the pipes finally fixed? Each time you update the game, you break the server I am playing at. Can you add more official servers with different settings (very easy, easy, medium, hard, very hard) so that it's possible to play all the time and people don't have to wait a day or two just for the server owner to update the little "bug fix".
Why "bug fix"? Cause so far, all the problems I've came across haven't been fixed during these updates which happen too damn often. :pdpff:
iamatallone May 16 @ 7:54pm 
How did you make a release that had a bug that caused servers to restart from day 1! How did you not even make a notice on steam about any of these maintenance releases? Does your team even understand a release cycle or QA Testing all of these things?
Razjel May 16 @ 6:48pm 
Hey, i just started playing the game and got a couple of hours behind me. first of all, thumbs up, i really like it :) but i got a little problem now with the water .... i built an house outside a mountain, made the next rooms inside the mountain, so the 3rd room cuts into a river which flows from the mountain down besides my house .. but now water came inside after i startet with the 3rd room .. i put wood and dirt against the wall to get it back into the river but it doesnt work .. the watersprinkles doesnt stop to come through the wall. any other people with this problem here ? do i have achance to get my 3rd room inside the mountain or have to cancel it with this bug ? :/ sorry for my terrifying english.
Ludnificent May 16 @ 6:06pm 
I agree with this update.

As for Cyan... why. No really, there is no potential use for crouching. Unless you're on a cringey RP server and need to make a lil' extra.
Cyan May 16 @ 10:15am 
Here's a simple one: The ability to crouch + animations for it.
Also animations for looking up and down. :)
Incubus May 16 @ 3:52am 
Italian language please
[VSF] Migel the sloth May 16 @ 1:56am 
Would thermonuclear warheads be used against players or against asteroids?