Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Patch Notes 1.9

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Flashback64 Jun 18 @ 4:42am 
The fight System versus 4 or 5 Opponents are now very worse, i strike a Opponent in slow Motion and all other attacs me in normal Speed. Many hits and i can`t do anything, I die in a few seconds, also versus Farmer :-))), and i have one of the best Armor. My Armor is completly almost new, after the attac (94, 97 etc.), but i am as well as dead.
I am turned around for no apparent reason, suddenly standing without anything i can do in the midlle of the attackers aund all beating me at the same time.

I was attracted like a Magnet ??
After so many hours in Game i know the combat system very well, i hold the Opponents in front of me and i see no reason for this turn. This Effect is since 1.9
In the fast travel you can only use the Escape Button, and flee because the subsequent fight is only unfair and pure luck.
And moody, these fights are no longer, rather hectic and completely confusing.
Too sad, that was not before 1.9
Flashback64 Jun 18 @ 4:32am 
Big thanks for the Update 1.9, it was a very good Performance thrust, but very sadly that Patch 1.9.1 has destroyed the better Performance for me, it`s now again like before Patch 1.9 :-(
I have now 750h in Game, i have played the Game at the first hour on, i know all the good and bad developments of the Game. So i and my 1070GTX i53570 and 8Gb Ram was very happy with 1.9, please fix 1.9.1. The Game is great and deserves better optimation.

Furthermore, some Dialogues haves no sound, whitch unnecessarily destroy the otherwise great game feeling.

Reizaki Jun 9 @ 3:13am 
everyone having the same problem with calling our horse and mounting/dismounting it?
K Jun 5 @ 11:07am 
Прошло уже больше года после релиза, а они до сих пор допиливают эту шикарную игру. Готова терпеть все баги, буду обмазываться контентом от разработчиков на постоянной основе. Спасибо им за все.
Beatle Jun 2 @ 11:53am 
We love you devs! You are the best!
rap_panic Jun 2 @ 10:43am 
I suddenly can not call any more since the update .. heinrich whistling is not even -.- I've tried everything ... I have not had anything since the menu is over but endangered ... I even bought a new horse. I can ascend but not descend neither with X nor with Y on the controller ... Please help me !!!!!!
rap_panic Jun 2 @ 10:41am 
ich kann mein pferd plötzlich nicht mehr rufen seit dem update.. heinrich pfeift nicht mal mehr -.- ich hab alles versucht... das sit alles erst seit im Menü nicht mehr Pferd sondern gefährten steht... ich hab mir sogar ein neues pferd gekauft. ich kann zwar aufsteigen aber nciht mehr absteigen weder mit X noch mit Y auf dem Controller... Please help me!!!!!!
M4rt1n93 Jun 2 @ 10:25am 
Am i the only one who realy dislike that bandits have dogs now? That really brings out the worst in the combat system... Trying to hit the dog that does not use lock on system while you are locked on to bandits, so you have to lock off the bandit and just blindly swing and hope you hit the dog...
Alex7 Jun 1 @ 4:47pm 
thanks for updating the game.
Firebro113 Jun 1 @ 4:00pm 
@Dryspace Well, it was kind of a problem nonetheless, but not to the same degree.