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  • Veteran units will now spawn when there would be multiples of the same unit, then a veteran status will appear on one of them that will make it stronger, faster and more sturdy.

  • Subtitles added for all cinematics.

  • 5 new items.

  • 3 new unique items.

  • 2 new enemies.

  • Some existing enemies and items modified (see further down).

  • New optional tutorial added to Thrillith with a movement tutorial, this will contain more tutorials in the future.

  • Item descriptions display where an item attaches.

  • All items owned will be shown in the build menu (greyed out if they cannot be attached to the mech you’re editing).

  • Added a “Camera shake” option to the Options menu, to turn of camera shaking during critical strikes and bombards

  • Town Defense III now shoots fiery projectiles which cause burning ground

  • Now showing “empty AP” on each mech in battle

  • All mechs with “repair other” traits now face to repair target, then face back.

  • All items are visible in the build menu, non-equippable items are greyed out

  • Core descriptions now show number of action points on that core

  • Added ranged counterattack trait to 2 existing units in campaign

  • Unique “stealing” sword has reworked particle effect.

  • Added Isolator cores, there is now isolators T1 to T3, 30% lower trade value than other cores, with more emphasis on melee.

  • Broadsider damage decreased by 20%.

  • Canisters nerfed (projectile damage penalty on all tiers)

  • Thruster “Pierce” also gives increased range.

  • Modified T3 Knight Shield, added T4 Knight Shield (more armor)

  • Added windup to cpm_blast_cannon_skill, removed Repeating Shot from blast cannons.

  • Removed Repeating Strike from T2 Squire Shield.

  • Added Repeating Shot to Valerian Cores (T3 & T4) and Vitruvian Legs.

  • Units with the “Giant” trait take half bombard damage, added giant to Tarrakhans Dominus.

  • Valerian core has smoke effect from chimneys.

  • Guard has new particle effect (blue rings going down, small particles).

  • Shift-up has particle effect.

  • Backstabs now have a particle effect.

  • Shift-up no longer repairs, cost reduced to 3 CP.

  • All debuffing cards (suppress weakness etc) now have a particle effect (blood rain)

  • Added T4 Molten Core and T3 Gearbox (+1 AP to mech)

  • All cores rebalanced

  • Leaper buffed, leaper always jumps, jumps do not deal damage.

  • repeating shot doesnt work with bombard attacks (no more repeating catapults)

  • new underground T3 unit, Roach.

  • new underground compositions, as well as modified previous ones.

  • Catapult skill now costs 2 AP, damage changed from 20 to 17.

  • Town Defense II unit now has same AI as all other siege defense units.

  • Increased Armour bonus of Armoured Haste (150 to 250)

  • Skills now display AP cost on the item.

  • Fixed a bug where health and damage buttons in unit info panel would not be clickable if the user had clicked between units.

  • Saves now support full unicode.

  • Particle effects will no longer sometimes spawn with bad texture artifacts.

We know about the stability issues with regards to memory abd they will now have full priority and hopefully we can release a second bug fix patch in a couple of days.
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