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Football, Tactics & Glory

Beta Update #7 - Hot Seat Tournaments

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_K_o_S_  [developer] Apr 17 @ 5:30am 
Agree. Will think about it
Pastoru Apr 17 @ 1:34am 
I would love to see the palmares of the competitions ! It would remind us of the history. Currently in my 16th season. Of course you can see the history of the teams, but it's hard to gather, for example, the palmares of the Champions League winners.
Vrt Apr 8 @ 10:16am 
I LOVE this new hot seat feature. I really hop at some point we can play consecutive seasons too in hot seat, complete with transfers and cups.
BigBobr99 Mar 30 @ 9:02am 
More stats would be great! More immersion in the game world for sure
PowerMaik Mar 11 @ 11:08am 
Now, at the start of a new campaign, you can set the starting year.

Wonderful news ...

At the end of tournament, there is an interesting statistics. Btw, we are thinking about adding such statistics to the single player campaigns. Write in the commentaries if you like the idea.

Really nice idea.
EliasPettersson Mar 11 @ 8:16am 
more stats in single player would be amazing.
Hoplite39 Mar 9 @ 12:40pm 
I only realised there is an update when I started playing today. I saw the new graphics at kick off and noticed that cup games now display an aggregate score. great to see rain in winter.
_K_o_S_  [developer] Mar 9 @ 3:47am 
Все баги исправили. Бета работает.
_K_o_S_  [developer] Mar 9 @ 3:34am 
Вышлите мне креш-файл, пожалуйста.

Остальные вылеты уже исправили.
Cell 0́(-.̃-̃)̀̀0 Mar 9 @ 2:59am 
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