Update 0.81.2 (Fixes and some QoL)

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Vaskez Jul 12 @ 6:10am 
i may just buy this game for my self... birthday in two weeks, haha want to put the game on special on the 26th XD
Squarebit  [developer] Jul 2 @ 2:25pm 
I'm open to that idea :)

Rabin Jul 2 @ 8:20am 
Just a suggestion tho. Would it be possible in the future to have a option to reduce the quantity of loot dropped. Hardcore player as i am, i like when things take time. :)
Rabin Jul 2 @ 8:17am 
Dang, these updates are more frequent than my toilet runs when le stomach is bad.
Great game man, kudos to you.
Squarebit  [developer] Jul 2 @ 1:19am 
I am working on some map changes for a future update, so I will keep that in mind - thanks!
Oak Jun 29 @ 3:38pm 
I just got this game and I have to say it is freaking awesome! It is super addicting. I am a die hard player of POE and D3, but man, I am loving this game. So much loot and action! So little tedium to deal with. Not sure where the forums are to ask this - but anyone know if shading will be added to maps so it is easier to know where you have and have not explored in dungeons? I am early level but seeing a lot of maze like dungeons early shading to know where I have and have not gone would be a huge QoL improvement. Thanks!
Squarebit  [developer] Jun 28 @ 8:58am 
I check from time to time but the forums is definitely a better place to reach me :)

Thanks guys!
呶呶 Bot Jun 28 @ 7:51am 
Thanks for update!
However, for Chinese, it seems that still two little issues here (not really serious, just a liittle strange)
details at

jackaho - thanks for the reminder :steammocking:
jackaho Jun 28 @ 3:02am 
呶呶 Bot - might want to post in forums in case Squarebit doesn't read comments.
Awakeneer Jun 27 @ 5:13pm 
Thanks for the update! :horns: