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Hey everyone!

Update 0.95.0 is here to bring you new goodies and another step closer to release!
This update adds a much requested endless mode to the endgame, as well as a bunch of new items and runes! Some item sets have also been buffed, and other have been completely reworked. Of course, with the new anomaly mode comes a fresh new interface that makes it easier to select difficulty and mode, and it also provides some previously hidden information about monster stats. It's pretty neat. All to make the progression into the endless mode all the more enjoyable!

Oh and this update also brings a Halloween Event which starts on the 20th!

Also there are currently some issues with the Ubuntu build that we are trying to solve. Thanks to the Linux community for your efforts in the matter, and for your understanding.

And of course thanks to everyone who has posted bugs, suggestions, and feedback.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this update!

Here's the full notes:

  • New endless Anomaly mode.
  • New Endgame interface complete with monster stats.
  • New Halloween event.
  • Updated and improved Anomaly bosses.
  • New True Legendary and Legendary items.
  • Set buffs & revamps.
Halloween Event:
  • Added a Halloween event complete with decorations, a new area, 5 new quests, new enemies, a season helm, and a rare drop relic from the new area.
  • The Halloween Event runs from oct 20th to oct 31st.
  • Adjusted lighting so that lights fade slower, meaning less flickering with rapid cast spells.
  • Improved monster clearing around Anomaly entrance portals (kinda).
  • Added Endless Anomalies - these are similar to Dungeon Anomalies, except they start scaling at the max difficulty (Mythic XV), and each set completed allows you to advance to the next "Tier" beyond that. Each Tier is slightly more difficult, and by every 10th Tier monster stats will have increased by about 150% from the previous 10th Tier. There is no hard cap on tiers, and rewards also increment with each tier.
  • Updated Anomaly Bosses:
    • Pyre: Faster attacks, now casts multiple Pyre attacks around the player.
    • Clattergore: Now also uses Bone Cage and Bone Spiral spells (similar to Act 4 Bone Shaman).
    • Deathchill: Now drops ice blocks beneath himself and distant players. These deal damage in an increasingly wide radius before fading away. Also tries to keep some distance with his Warps.
    • Venom: Now put lines of sludge between herself and the player. Now correctly tries to get LOS rather than spam poison bolts at walls between you.
    • Delen'Mer: Now uses a more dangerous and avoidable Arrow hail (ish) skill.
    • Nek'rosis: Summons adds more frequently and also casts a lethal Bonestorm.
    • Bramblebreanch: Now casts Bramble Vine very frequently, and also casts Vine Blast.
    • Sparkhorn: Now summons a ton of thunder strikes in randomized patterns near and around the player. Sparkhorn also tries to maintain a slightly larger distance to players instead of repeatedly pushing them.
    • Hopscotch: Now frequently spawns smaller spiders, and occasionally spits poison bolts and novas.
    • Corpse-Eater: Now summons zombies, and eats them if they are not killed, restoring health. Also drops some hurtful ground effects on himself quite frequently.
    • Magmuck: Now covers half the arena in lava, swapping sides each time.
    • The Witness: Warps around rapidly and casts his dazzling shotgun spell like crazy.
    • Ribshot: Now slows players with chills, and occasionally summons more skeletons to aid him.
    • Sculptossus: Now occasionally summons large lethal rocks falling over the player.
    • Blackfang: Now summons ratlings and charges the player when they get out of range.
    • Grubb: Now creates a slowly growing lethal area of poison clouds.
    • Boltfur: Now casts 3 randomly orbiting lightning orbs near the player.
    • Eaglas: Now occasionally spams holy bolt novas very rapidly.
    • Frostklaww: Now also casts Air Freeze on the player.
    • Bazz-Wizda: No longer casts Fairy Ring, but instead casts Spore Rain.
    • Wappa Zappa: Warps around rapidly using random projectile novas.
    • Makrath: Now summons two orbiting lightning orbs that attract thunder strikes repeatedly. No longer casts lightning novas.
  • Added info on status effects to the Help Index.
  • Added a new endgame interface.
  • Added a new save icon.
  • Added new options to toggle companion damage and heal numbers independently from player numbers.
  • Added new stat tracking to stats screen for best endless tier.
  • The most recently selected Anomaly mode is now saved per-character and set upon opening the interface.
Items, Enchants, & Powers:
  • Enchants:
    • Added new enchants:
      • Chance to stun (rings/boots).
      • Chance to interrupt (weapons/boots).
    • Updated enchants:
      • Bleed damage can now roll on staffs.
  • Runes:
    • New Runes:
      • Rune of Grand Reprisal (Templar): Increased passive effect of Reprisal, Retribution, and Retaliation.
      • Lesser Rune of Simplicity (All): Base skills deal increased damage.
      • Lesser Rune of Assertion (All): Doublecast passives have an increased proc rate.
    • Adjusted Runes:
      • Rune of Slicing (Templar) now affects Charge and Tackle in addition to Slice.
      • Rune of the Fierce Avenger (Templar) now also increases the damage of Avenger while moving.
      • Lesser Rune of Foul Demons (Warlock) no longer accounts for health bonuses to the imps and little devils sacrificed (except for the standard difficulty health scaling), as it would scale too high.
  • All:
    • Sets:
      • New set: Master's Command:
        • Parts are Unwavering Loyalty and Unbreakable Bond (previously non-set item)
        • 2) Turns all companions into elites with additional attacks and multiplies their base health by 2, and their base damage by 3. In addition, the Companion Damage stat is 25% more effective.
      • Furious Retaliation:
        • Swapped the 2) and 3) bonuses.
    • New items:
      • Unwavering Loyalty (Amulet, TL): Companions gain increased attack speed and evasion. Part of a new set.
    • Updated items:
      • Ring of Titans now also removes the knockback effect from skills, and increases the base damage of the skill by X% for each meter knockback.
  • Templar:
    • Sets:
      • Valkyrie's Battlegear revamped:
        • 2) Double attack speed of Sword Skills, Sharp Steel stacks infinitely.
        • 3) Phantom Shield always triggers, Shield skills' base damage increased by Block Chance.
        • 4) +30% Damage Reduction, +10% Block Chance, +10% Damage Blocked.
      • The Reckoning:
        • 2) Now adds 50% thorns per stack of Reckoning when hurt.
        • 3) Now adds 3% attack speed (up from 2%) per stack as well as on-hit trigger of thorns.
        • (Switched places on thorns damage, attack speed, and on-hit triggers of thorns between 3) and 2)).
      • Avenger:
        • 3) Now causes Avenger strikes from the satellites to scale with Satellite Strength.
      • The Thundering Army:
        • 3) The weaken effect applied by the replicas is now increased to 15% per stack, up from 5%.
      • Soulpurger:
        • 2) Now causes a stacking burn effect based on Expulsion damage.
        • 3) 100% proc rate moved here from 2), and the Radiance effect now stacks only 10 times, but adds 5% per stack (instead of 2% per stack, 25 times).
    • New items:
      • Council's Gavel (Accessory, TL): Blade Conjuration skills count as Hammer skills and will now spawn hammers instead of blades. All Hammer skills deal x% increased damage. Rolls stun chance.
      • Nemesis (Shield): Increases Thorns for each point of Health, Mana, and Damage.
      • Captain's Shield: The damage of Phantom Shield is increased when it's triggered by a Shield skill.
      • Tenacious Defender (Sword): Counts as a shield. Casts Shield Spiral on every third Cleave. Increases the radius of the Cleave attack by x%.
    • Adjusted items:
      • Retaliator (Shield) renamed to Vindicator to not cause confusion with the Furious Retaliaton set (items are called retaliator's)
  • Berserker:
    • New items:
      • Balgar's Binding (Accessory, TL): Reduces the damage taken from Staggered Damage by x%, and increases damage by 20% of all Staggered Damage held.
      • Gritstone Amulet: Stone Skin provides immunity to Bleed and Poison effects, and Stone skills deal x% increased damage.
  • Warden:
    • Sets:
      • Shroomtender:
        • 2) No longer spawns shrooms in pairs, but spawns twice as strong shrooms. No longer chain-reacts.
  • Warlock:
    • Sets:
      • Desecrator's Set revamped:
        • 2) Desecration also spawns a Skull, which will store damage from all nearby Desecration triggers. After 1.5 seconds, the Skull deals 300% of the total damage absorbed to all foes within 5 meters.
        • 3) Foes struck by Desecration receive 50% increased damage from Desecration and the Skull. This effect stacks infinitely. In addition, Desecration slows foes hit by 50% for 2 seconds.
        • 4) The Warlock is healed for 1% Health each time Desecration strikes a foe. Overhealing from any source is turned into a Shield, absorbing up to 30% of the Warlock's Maximum Health.
      • Masochist's Garb:
        • 2) No longer requires a Ritual to stack masochism automatically. Now also makes Death Knight last until death. Now also cause all Bone skills to deal 25% of thorns damage on hit.
        • 3) Now also adds unlimited stacks of Bone Splinters, and increases Thorns damage by 30% per stack of masochism.
        • Weapon and Offhand now rolls +thorns. (Fresh drops only)
    • New items:
      • Tongue of the Deceiver (Accessory, TL): Curses deal more damage, cost less, and cast faster.
      • Splintered Bone Amulet: Bone Splinter can be triggered by any Bone skill. In addition, Bone skills deal x% increased damage.
    • Adjusted items:
      • The Bone Spear (Staff): Now removes the cooldown from Bone Spears too.
  • Added/updated lore/flavor text to items and sets:
    • The Thundering Army
    • Soulpurger's Regalia
    • Dragonfire Garb
    • Skysoul Fragments
    • Stormcaller set
    • Burning Hells set
    • Demon Lord set
    • Desecrator set
    • Masochist set
    • Death's List
    • Elemental stones
    • Mysterious masks
Monsters & Companions:
  • AI size scaling no longer scales their boundary boxes, so they should no longer have issues with corners (hitboxes are still upscaled).
  • AI (both enemy and companions) should now prioritize less used skills when multiple skills are off cooldown at the same time, forcing them to rotate through their arsenal.
  • Adjusted companion health scaling with difficulties.
  • Companions and enemies no longer push each other around, but companions may still push companions and enemies other enemies, to prevent stacking.
  • The Gooey affix now has a limited amount of spawns.
  • Stunned enemies now pause their cooldowns for the duration of the stun.
  • Warp affix enemies now Warps smarter (no more warping enemies being stuck in corners while swamped by pets).
  • Slightly adjusted enemy health bonuses across most difficulties to more even numbers.
Performance & Misc:
  • Slightly improved performance of collision checks and some types of damage calculations.
  • Updated game engine, please let me know if you experience odd behavior.
  • Added resolution info to FPS display (F5) to help with debugging resolution-based issues, such as frame drops.
  • Templar:
    • Added new skill tags for Templar:
      • Hammer skill
      • Blade Conjuration skill
    • Retribution now increases Thorns by 1000 at 4/4 on level 100, up from 600.
    • Charge's knockback range now affected by reach stat.
    • Thunder Blade no longer has a cooldown.
    • Barebones (Perk) amount increased to 30%, up from 10%.
  • Berserker:
    • Improved hit detection of Flame Roll and forces a hit when it ends to make sure everything that looks like it should be hit actually gets hit.
    • Jawbreaker is renamed to Rock Smash, and knockback range now scales with reach stat.
    • Shattering Roar's mana cost reduced to 1050, down from 1350.
    • Thundering Roar's mana cost increased to 1150, up from 1000.
    • Dragon Stomp now causes knockback up to 1.5 meters.
    • Flamewrath's mana cost increased to 1300, up from 1000.
    • Shattering Punch's mana cost reduced to 1300, down from 1500.
    • Chomp's mana cost reduced to 1400, down from 1500.
  • Warden:
    • Quickdraw adjusted to use the same proc rate as other doublecast passives, now has a 15/20/25% chance, down from 21/28/35%.
    • Storm Shrooms now only start acting as lightning rods once they are fully grown, which means Accelerated Growth works for this skill, but not so much for a pure shroom build - this will be used to balance future support for functioning hybrid specs
    • Spores have a larger hitbox and now properly targets a random foe rather than nearest foe.
    • Storm Shrooms no longer pops when foes goes near.
  • Warlock:
    • Added a maximum range to Poison Bolts (20 meters for player casts, 13 for enemy/pet casts).
    • Rapid Spread now has a chance to doublecast if the connected skill has a cooldown of 1 second or less.
    • Doublecast (passive skill) have been adjusted to use the same proc rate as other doublecast passives, now has a 15/20/25% chance, down from 21/28/35%.
    • Grave Blast is now a bone skill.
    • Bonestorm now lasts 4.5/5/5.5/6/6.5 seconds, up from 3.
    • Death Knight (ultimate) no longer provides all res, but instead provides damage reduction and damage stagger (at 30% each).
    • Improved visuals of Death Knight and Vampire Lord.
  • Added many new entries to locale/npctext and locale/quests.
  • Added stats/stat_endless_tier_max, stats/stat_general_res.
  • Added interface/endgame_tier, interface/endgame_anom_dungeon_endless, interface/endgame_anom_stats_enemy, interface/endgame_anom_stats_player.
  • Added/updated menu/dam_num_companion menu/dam_num_friend menu/dam_num_heal_companion menu/dam_num_heal_friend.
  • Fixed crash from shrooms (probably).
  • Fixed Sword Hurl and Thunder Blade going through walls.
  • Fixed Bone Splinters not being considered a bleed skill and not benefiting from + bleed%.
  • Fixed Wisps and Mega Wisps having too big boundary boxes.
  • Fixed the Commander perk forcing peaceful companions (such as the Storm Mender) to run into combat.
  • Fixed Wisps getting stuck and not attacking after respawning.
  • Fixed Wisps not dealing damage when not wearing the Wispmother set.
  • Fixed Shock Orbs going through walls when cast from wisps with the Wisp Blast rune.
  • Fixed Master Tamer and Grand Summoner mastery perks not working as intended.
  • Fixed bouncing shields targeting things out of range.
  • Fixed holy bolts (enemy spell) ignoring walls.
  • Fixed shroomtender set bonus that plants shrooms on each hit not working.
  • Fixed shrooms flickering for a single frame when spawned from a spore.
  • Fixed some incorrect skill descriptions such as Exoskeleton.
  • Fixed Bone Shaman's Bone Cage skill being invisible.
  • Fixed Frost Nova, Frigid Star, Frozen Fate, Hammerstorm, Holy Hammer, and Holy Blade not using the proper doublecast mechanic.
  • Fixed some double cast passives sometimes working without points spent in them.
  • Fixed Hydrascale Boots overriding high values with lower ones.
  • Fixed bows not being able to roll bonus damage vs enemy types like Undead (slaying enchants).
  • Fixed Gooey spawns getting stuck in the air.
  • Fixed Sandworms not properly animating when emerging from the ground if the player was close.
  • Fixed issue where mobs with special attacks may only use them once due to cooldowns not ticking down as intended, so some monsters may be more aggressive and dangerous than before.
  • Fixed companions not using special skills as frequently as intended.
  • Fixed rare crash when losing an effect that affects monster skills.
  • Fixed crash from Flailing enemies when in combination with spells that produced additional projectiles.
  • Fixed issue that could cause some quests to complete automatically when re-entering the game.
  • Fixed the overlay map appearing over the quest tracker.
  • Fixed crash when moving left/up from the leftmost skill node while using a gamepad.
  • Fixed all text highlighting in the help index when hovering any text node.
  • Fixed auto loot setting not saving.
  • Fixed item icon transparency issue with endgame interface.
  • Fixed crash on entering third floor of dungeon anomalies (probably).
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