Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade

Game Update in the making! Fantastic Skulls weekend!

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Corvus Jul 19 @ 8:16am 
This three comments will be deleted. So if you are lucky enough to read this, copy it. Paste somewhere in the notebook on your PC and look from afar as the game is not even futher that year ago. Then... laugh with me watching as the Eternal Crusade is slowly shooting down, because of no more profit.
Corvus Jul 19 @ 8:15am 
And that's are basic things they focked up at the start and didin't repair. I can understand melee, driving. But it's hard to add a window with more info about players in the PvE? It is not one day job, but people are asking for sidearms for 9 months. And with this we're going to the second part. How the forked up with players?
1. Promises. - Not even a half of thier bright ideas are in game.
2. Lies - " Listen up, fanbase of wh40k players, we're 'orking on it." Yeah, you're 'orking on it like for 9 months already and, yet we've see no actual improvment in the game.
3. Player's ideas - Sure, I know not all are nice and, but some of them are great and, what is very important too, easy to make. That's like new maedic granade or few addons for few weapons. There is no way, you can tell me, that is month time job.
4. No new content - I mean actual content, like new weapons, maps, classes. Not more cosmetic "buy me 'cause we need cash" items.
Corvus Jul 19 @ 8:08am 
"Such are the ways of deamons, to lie and mislead us." - Gabriel Angelos, Chapter Master of Blood Ravens.
I heard and saw enough lies from devs to stop supporting this game months ago. Now I'm just watching as the game is falling like Cadia fell under Failbaddon 13th crusade. (Still tooo soon, Corvus, too soon...) Sometimes even playing to see if there is actually something "new" to laugh about. I'll be honest here. Devs forked up badly. And not only with the game, but with players too. But first things first.
How they forked the game?
1. Melee system. - Anybody can counter anybody, long (too long) duels because of "rock, paper, scissors." attacks.
2. Driving system. - Roadkilling by little touch. (Eldars road-butchery, can't roll under it.)
3. PvE. - No actual info about the PvE game.
4. Sidearms. - Devastator/Havoc execution witb bolt pistol, witn no pistol in loadout. Non-removeable sidearms for all classes, exept Sorcerer.
5. Animations. - No actual animations, just waving hands.
HorusFlesh Jul 12 @ 8:45pm 
Nerf eldar.
For the emperor
Blast (AKA LostAmI) Jul 11 @ 4:43am 
Add, Don't Edit! Your customers want a more complex gameplay then you are providing, we need more classes, more equipment, more strategic gameplay.

What you have is fine, but it's simple and stale, look towards adding more functional mechanical content, not more surface level cosmetics and tweeks to stats.

Best of luck from your huge (but very bored) fan!
The Captain Jul 11 @ 3:50am 
Customer service is a patronizing mockery did not help at all. I also hope the new gameplay fixes will offer something new and exciting. Can't wait to see update you have for orks.
GeorgeTheGreat Jul 5 @ 5:18pm 
WOW! this is a huge update 10/10!
Ungwe Lianti Jul 5 @ 4:57am 
I just gave you a bad review, and not going to promote you again, until you sort out my problem/Ticket with my founder pack and RTC points (522k of them) That you have basically "stolen" from me. I've sent you questions, and reopened tickets for almost 1,5 years now where you have stopped replying the last cpl months.

It's a disgrace
Sai'llin Jul 5 @ 3:11am 
Give Us Something first...we are tired from your's promises 1.5 years ago..
Right now you have not many belivers out there guys...We already give you a tons of support and money and get only shining promises...