Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade

Patch 1.8.48

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Virsteinn Aug 22 @ 4:33pm 
As a rule, a few veterans with ♥♥♥♥♥♥ equipment can beat a similar force of greens with a great deck. That concept shows in wars *and* in war games. This is why no one wants to play matches against Eldar, is because a matchup like that makes for a very frustrating and unenjoyable game. Add to that the fact that most "veteran" players are toxic ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s who wouldn't give you the time of day, much less any help mastering the game, and you wind up with a situation where no one except CoD nerds and their ilk wants to even bother picking the game up. I'm not interested in a game so competitive that I can't honestly enjoy ♥♥♥♥ing around and talking like an ork with an extraordinarily severe underbite. There's plenty of those out there already, and they are all not only free, but also take up way less space on my hard drive and put less stress on my graphics card.

As I've stated before, that is not what I paid for, that is not what I will support, and that is not what *you* should support.
Cursed Hawkins Aug 17 @ 4:03pm 
@Don Della Rocko
Ever thought that the only players remaining for the eldar faction are veterans of this game who know the faction's strengths and weaknesses? I'd bet you that you never did have that thought once occur in your head and just to drive it forward the other factions you mentioned yeah guess what happens to the matches that have eldar as an opponent, members of the factions actively quit making matches even more in favor of the eldar all because babies can't grow a few balls and actually bother fighting a literally weak faction in every single matter possible!
Starkeinn Aug 14 @ 12:42pm 
Fix matchmaking please
Don Della Rocko Aug 14 @ 6:26am 
any time line on the new patch developers ??? you guys had a huge jump in players with just offering a different campaign Dynamic and offering unique Pauldrons…

just a idea show case a new class or vehicle, additional hero class is always a grand slam. here is a great idea do a similar campaign like the one you just did and offer minority team the new vehicle , class or hero.

for example space marines are in the minority and Primarch Robuet gilliman has sent them Dreadnaughts (hero/ vehicle 1 time pull) , 2 seater bikes or tech marines....or a scout (stealth) class.... as help during there hour of need on the planet to hold off the xenos and chaos!

its a great way to introduce new additions ties in with the story of the campaigns and offer of course a skin as a Trophy

you guys did great with just offereing trophie skins i think you guys got peak number of like 250 players during the day .... imagine if you offer trully unique items.
Don Della Rocko Aug 14 @ 6:07am 
a broken clock is right twice a day "sir. eggy" it doesn't mean it can tell time. the Eldar CONSITANTLY own and hold more territory than any other faction some times combined (LSM plus CSM).

I agree with you that newbie players funneled through the game via Loyal space marine. however out side of the occasional exception to the rule eldar have a monopoly on victory's…

look at the land the eldar own at any given time is blatant and un-refutable evidence that the Elder absolute crush the other factions.

Eldar players absolutely take advantage of the wave serpent and blatantly strafe around rhinos (while being on top of them ) and crush spawning players out of rhinos....
sir.eggy Aug 12 @ 2:45pm 
Well, the shoulder pads are ugly, esp. the one for the eldars. Doesn't fit at all! Same goes for the Orks. CSM is way to polished. missing a bit of depth. LSM... oh well.

But anyhow thanks for the campaign & the faction RTC.

@Don Della Rocko. I have to disagree on the Eldar nerf. LSMs just needs more brains. Striking Scorpion are joke as they are kinda visible and the hawks are an annoyance. Easy Targets like clay pigeons.

Oh and BTW! The problem in the game is not unbalanced factions, but newbies vs experienced players. Eldars got stomped a lot by Veterans and Clasn in the campaign. So in short: Learn to play against the Eldar. That is why you have "Loadouts"!!! Adapt or lose!
Don Della Rocko Aug 10 @ 6:11am 
ya great job on this campaign. people really came back a little bit to come out and play again. it was nice.

granted The eldar still need a good nerfing.... I recommend give Space marine, chaos and orks a engineer style class. with mines / turrets and trip wire sensors alerting people. and give the eldar nothing... with the striking scorpion and the swooping hawk they have a HUGE lead on other classes. PLUS there insane wave serpent.
Gerald Corvitz Aug 8 @ 8:26pm 
Thanks for the new update! these campaigns really help me level up my characters and get some Req points! I hope the next update involves a new class or something! Good luck on whatever you're working on right now! :steamhappy:
GeorgeTheGreat Aug 8 @ 3:33pm 
you think I can get an ork match going?
Also have you added vs AI yet to stabilize the player base?
Vafthrudnirson Aug 8 @ 3:42am 
Did you add an FOV slider yet or are we still pretending it's 1995 and we have to play with vertigo and nausea?