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COMMUNITY QUESTION - What do our players love about Portal Knights?

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Neomerlinux Sep 23 @ 3:53pm 
I think most players here are misunderstanding the original question of this post. :steamfacepalm:

Maybe you should open up another post with the following question:
"What features would our players love to have in Portal Knights?

finalmoe Sep 23 @ 7:21am 
co-op so both players have a saved file, not just the host
Denis Sep 17 @ 3:14am 
i'd really like to see new global objectives like new boses, more islads and ability to choose the difficulty Level
Mangapower Sep 13 @ 7:01am 
I wish there would be a Way to find Npcs in the world to bring into your base after completing Quests. Also i feel like there should be some kind of invasion Event where Monsters attack your base so its challenging to build in higher level Maps. (Maybe you could use Npcs as Defenders?) would make building Bases and all the Drawbridges usefull. At the Moment my Bases are just simple Houses with Max level Workshops in them because there is no Reason to Build anything in this Game.
TAZ Sep 11 @ 8:36am 
Needs to be brought to Mac.
VOSTOK Sep 9 @ 9:53pm 
We keep asking about big doors and a draw bridge and free build, and look what we got, very happy, me and the kids have clocked up around 900 hours between 3 accounts, what we love is the creative, we are working on a very big build and will publish when finished,

The one we would stiil like to see is more animation, still a little static, adding a turning windmill, kids have mentioned light switches, cows, chickens and sheep to make farms, Creative needs just that liitle more action to bring the place alive, Anyway, very much liking what we have so far...
Coach Sep 9 @ 9:50pm 
I love how it plays in co-op. This is the first game like this that feels like something me and my friends can play together over a long period of time, with a good amount of 'casual' stuff to do.

We play every so often, clear everything out from a world, and then hang out and build stuff. Not slamming through it has made it a very enjoyable game. I love minecraft, but my two best friends didnt, and we feel like the 'progression' that is forced by slowly working through new worlds is the big difference. You guys really made a great game!
Pyston Sep 9 @ 5:59pm 

Wow..that is a tough question because I adore so many aspects of this game, its tough to narrow it down. Kinda of like asking a music fan their favorite song.

I might have to list a number of aspects of the game that I really enjoy.

• I love the character customization. Its nice to be able to create a character that embodies the vision we have for them. I would like to see 3 different sizes and 3 different weights for example to make a short chubby character or a tall skinny character or a short skinny and tall chubby, etc.
Pyston Sep 9 @ 5:59pm 

• I love the building, especially the sound a block makes when its placed. Feels rewarding, but not over the top. Nicely balanced. I do wish we could move the blocks up or down from the position it shows to place it. Sometimes I want to place a block in a hole from up top, but the block placement indicator will not go in the hole. I would also like to see some more shapes, stair case, flat blocks, etc. Block shapes that allow for creating more detail.

• I love the various amounts of furniture I come across. I ESPECIALLY love that you can interact with chairs and sit in them, or sleep on the bed. Little stuff like that makes the environment feel more realistic or immersive. Too many games drop the ball on this (MC..cough cough) and it just makes the home feel less like a home and more like a house.
Pyston Sep 9 @ 5:59pm 

• I love the worlds although I dont much care for falling in holes to my death. IF there was one thing that annoys me it would be the holes in the world.

I enjoy the crafting as well. I like that it feels deep enough to make stuff and feel rewarded, but not so deep that its confusing or a pain the bottom to deal with. My only critique about crafting is the number of stations that need to be crafted. I wish that when a crafting station was upgraded that it could also make the prior tiers of items, gear, blocks etc. My GF and I are building our characters home (and some homes for the NPC's we find along the way), and some of the rooms are starting to look cheesy with how many crafting stations we have to have. I think if a tier 2 drafting table added to a "set" of drafting equipment it would be fun, but I can also understand the cost of having to have an artist create more assets.